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Youtube picture of Ferguson & DHS posing as New Black Panthers

Image Credits: YouTube

Fergunson Riots Being Exacerbated By Violent Provocateurs? (08/18/14)--Source: DHS Agents posing as members of New Black Panthers--the source, a former DHS, stated that DHS is running the Ferguson Police Department and their actions are designed to antagonize the locals.

(U.S. Government is purposely flaming the Riots in order to eventually bring Marshal Law to White, especially Christians, Libertarians, Gun Owners, Tea Party, citizens against Illegal Immigration--that is hurting the black community more than the White community, which many Black and Spanish people are against--citizens against Greedy Corporate people shipping jobs overseas and Constitutional citizens. The Black people are just being used as an experiment to get the ball rolling. We are all in this together no matter what race you are--the Globalists want to start a race war to distract you. Beware of False Flags from the Government.)

A. Video: New Black Panthers Leader Works with Police to Corral Ferguson Protesters (08/19/14) --The fact that a leader of the New Black Panthers (renamed Black Lawyers for Justice) is working directly with authorities to control protesters is bizarre given that Shabazz has been characterized as a “racist black nationalist" and anti-semitic.

B. Army Admits Plan to Execute Americans En Masse (08/19/14)

c. Violence in Feguson Provocateured by FBI and DHS (08/19/14) --further restrictions on liberty.

(See Alex Jones' film Police State 2: The Takeover also exposed how the black bloc anarchists were completely infiltrated and provocateured by the authorities during the violent 1999 WTO protests in Seattle & TV Interview (08/11/12) on the Alex Jones Show with "Black Panther Veteran" Larry Pinkney who Warns of A Trojan Horse Named Obama, who was groomed by the CIA and signed the Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in 2011---a U.S. Citizen can now be Incarcerated indefinitey with no charges! The New Black Panthers has been taken over by the government.)

Iraqi Fireball--bombing of ISIS

Obama's ISIS Bombing Hoax Exposed--TV Commentary by Lee Ann McAdoo of Infowars Nightly News (08/09/14)--Remember which countries are bankrolling the deadly terror group? (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar & Turkey at the direction of NATO, Britain and the United States--see The United States' Biggest "Allies" are Funding ISIS & ISIS Threatens America: 'We Will Raise the Flag of Allah In The White House'.) ISIS stands for "The Islamic State of Iraq & Syria", which works with Al-Qaeda.

State-Run Churches caught red-handed

Image Credits: Michael D. Beckwith/Flickr

State-Run Churches Caught Red-Handed: Many(501(c)(3) Pastors promote Government Viewpoints rather than Liberty (08/11/14) & Christian Brothers And Sisters: Did you Know our Government is Supporting Islamic Terrorists?) 08/11/14

Heirloom Seeds raided by Feds in PA

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Agri-Terrorism? Feds Shut Down Seed Library in Pennsylvania (08/04/14) --War on self-sufficiency intensifies

Malaysian airliner 2

Ukraine Accidentally Shot Down MH17 during Military Exercises (07/25/14) --Buk missle system confused Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 with Ukrainian fighter jets--this correlates with what Robert Parry stated, a former AP and Newsweek investigative journalist--see Bloomberg Lies as Ukrainian Rebels Allegedly Down 2 Warplanes according to Infowars (07/25/14).

Does Russia (And Humanity Have A Future?) by Paul Craig Roberts (07/26/14) & Dr. Ron Paul on Fox Business News: I blame the Neocons--see inteview (07/26/14) --Look beyond Washington's Propaganda. American intelligence already admitted that President Putin had nothing to do with the downing of MH17. (NATO commander General Breedlove and Senate bill 2277 clearly indicate that Washington is organizing itself and Europe for war against Russia.)

What does God-hating President Obama do? Obama signs an executive order on July 21st, 2014 requiring all entities contracting with the Federal government to extend workplace protections to "lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender" (LGBT) individuals--it is against Christians and religious liberties.

Malaysia Airlines

MH17 Cover-Up Exposed on the Savage Nation (Senator McCain and John Bolton--former UN Ambassador--are idiots)--hear Radio interview of Joseph Watson (07/23/14)

Washington, D.C. Is Escalating The Orchestrated Ukrainian "Crisis" To War (07/25/14) --Twenty-two (22) misguided US Senators have introduced to the 113th Congress, Second Session, Bill S.2277 ( is to prevent further Russian aggression. What a joke. There are no Russian expansionist ideology or a belief declared by Moscow that Russians are "exceptional" unlike the God-hating United States.

Pilots Heard Ukrainian Air Traffic Control Order MH17 to Change Route: Russia accuses Kiev of tampering with ATC recordings (07/23/14) & Why Doesn't Washington release its photos from its Satellite on the downed MH17? (07/23/14) & Kiev Censors MH17 Air Traffic Control Recordings: Security services confiscated tapes after incident (07/22/14)--Why hasn't Washington joined Russian President Putin in calling for an objective, non-politicized international investigation by experts of the case of Malaysian jetliner?

NATO World

Russian Institute for Strategic Studies: NATO is Attempting to "Revolutionize the current World Order (07/21/2014)

Chicago Inner City Residents say Obama is the worst President

Chicago Inner-City Black Residents: Obama "Worst President" Ever (07/14/14) --Chicago inner-city black residents: Obama "worst President" ever. "He will probably go down as the worst president ever elected," resident says. U.S. Army Training To Fight Black Americans (07/17/14)

Black residents in Chicago's inner-city neighborhoods are extremely upset with President Barack Obama and his approach to illegal immigration. A black female resident states: “With the president setting aside all these funds for immigrants and forsaken African-American community and African-American families, I think that’s a disgrace and Barack is from the heart of 55th in the City of Chicago,” one resident said. “He will probably go down as the worst president ever elected.” Also, see Obama: A CIA Creation.


Happy 4th of July--the Constitution is Being Destroyed & God is Being Cursed (07/04/14)

Declaration Against The Illegal Invasion of America: July 4th Special Report (2014) --see TV Reporters Lee An McAdoo, Sgt. Joe Biggs, Jakari Jackson and Jon Bowne weigh in on the evidence gathered that sheds light on what mainstream media will not tell you. We are being invaded by illegal aliens (that are bringing in many deseases) with the help of our federal government and your tax dollars. Our country is being destroyed and the President and Congress is allowing it.


Having Murdered Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and the US Constitution, Washington is now Murdering Ukraine

Soros and the shadow party

George Soros and The Shadow Party Behind Crises To Take Down America (0714/14)

Governor Christie vetoes anti-gun bill to reduce magazine capacity

Image Credits: Bob Jagendorf / Flickr

Governor Chris Christie vetoed an anti-gun bill that would have limited magazine capacity (07/03/14)

New Jersey 101.5 WKXW-FM Radio -- 'Gun Death' Rate Scams Designed to Defraud Public Out of Rights (07/11/14)

Congratulations to Gov. Chris Christie who conditionally vetoed a controversial anti-gun bill that would have limited gun magazines to 10 rounds or less from the current 15 rounds.

This bill would have done nothing for safety, but penalized law-abiding citizens. Senator Steve Sweeney should concentrate on saving the Union Pensions instead of taking money and orders from former Mayor Mike Bloomberg of NYC, who is a disgrace to this country, and created Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG)--over 50 Mayors quit MAIG after its was revealed that Bloomberg's real agenda was outright gun confiscation, according to Poughkeepsie Mayor John Tkazyik. (Bloomberg surrounds himself with armed guards and is a God-hater.) Also, Senator Sweeney should be using the Sheriff's Office for consolidation purposes (Essex County Sheriff's Office is an excellent example), not trying to merge townships and police departments and duplicating services--see Why Merging Township Police Departments is a budgetary Disaster unless the Merger Takes Place thru the Sheriff's Office.

Wolfgan Halibig former Special Agent investigation Sany Hook

Sandy Hook Investigation by former U.S. Customs Special Agent

[It is unfortunate that the Sandy Hook incident is being used by these anti-gun organizations--see Former Educator, US Customs Agent and School Safety Expert Wolfgang Halbig, who has been investigating Sandy Hook (05/13/14) --16 Unanswered questions in article such as: 1. Why would the FBI classify the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting (SHES) when the Columbine shooting was an Active Shooter Mass Casualty Incidents (AS/MCI) and not classified?; 2. Why was there no Life Star Trauma helicopters or paramedics requested? 3. Why were the paramedics and EMTs not allowed to go inside SHES?, 4. Why does an off-duty lieutenant from the Newtown Police Department (NPD) refuse to leave his off-duty work assignment at a construction site when hearing that shots have been fired at SHES?,5. Why would a police officer by the name of Lt. Vangehle, at 9:45:21 a.m. on 12/14/2012, from the NPD, after finding a female kindergartener in the hallway, make her go into room eight (8) and leave her there? Room eight was supposedly the gruesome crime scene with dead children and school staff. etc.]

New Jersey's Anti-Gun Bills (2014) angers Union members, sportsmen, NJ Citizens of all Races and Police

Senator Steve Sweeney of New JerseyMayor Michael Bloomberg

Senator Steve Sweeney (D) & Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) from 2002 to 2013

A Republican Assemblyman in the State of New Jersey alleges that the Democrats tried to keep him off the Law and Public Safety committee this term. This Assemblyman stopped Senator Sweeney's bill last year that would have effectively gutted the 2nd Amendment in New Jersey. The Assemblyman alleges that the only purpose of this anti-gun bill is for Steve Sweeney (D) to obtain money from Billionaire Mike Bloomberg (see Bloomberg Caught In Secret Gun Confiscation Plan (02/10/14) who has funded an anti-gun pack. See Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs.

Many union members in the State of New Jersey are Pro-family, Pro-Life and Pro-second Amendment. They reject gay marriage and Senator Sweeney's false argument that he does not bring his religion into politics. He did bring his religion of "Secular Humanism" into politics when he decided that there is nothing wrong with Sodomy or Gay Marriage--many laws legislated are the result of the elected official's worldview/religious view. (Many African-Americans are very upset with the New Jersey State Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage--many citizens from of all races in NJ are against gay marriage.) Yes, "Secular Humanism" is a religion--the secular and sacred dichotomy is a false concept from Greek philosophy; all of life is religious according the Bible). In 1961, the U.S. Supreme Court cited Secular Humanism as a religion--see Torcaso vs. Watchins (367 U.S. 488). See article entitled Is Secular Humanism a Religion? - PDF.

DHS admits helping illegal immigrants

Illegal Immigrants pack a bus station in McAllen, Texas

Infowars reports as of 06/24/14: Homeland Security Confirms They're Paying To Ship And Release Illegals 'In The Interior' (AP report confirms Infowars reports more than a week later what was happening at the border) & Treason: America Destroyed By Design (TV Commentary-06/25/14) --Orchestrated collapse of America's borders part of globalist plan to create a North American Union.

(There are Evangelical, Protestant and Catholic churches that are receiving federal and state money from former President Bush's "Faith Base Intiative" who are picking up illegals and getting driver's licenses for them and registering them to vote to take away our rights--these are wicked churches and those churches are committing treason against the United States of America.)

The orchestrated collapse of America's southern border is part of an overall agenda to destroy U.S. national sovereignty in order to usher America into a North American Union with Mexico and Canada.

The Department of Homeland Security is now openly admitting they're using taxpayer funds to ship illegal immigrants anywhere in the country they want to go, confirming Infowars reports that federal agencies are standing down from enforcing border security and instead escorting scores of Central American immigrants deeper inside the US.

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