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Trump for President.

Donald Trumps' Official Site 2016 (purchase signs, hats, shirts, etc. or make a donation). To register to vote in any State, go to Vote for Family (U.S. Offical Government site).

The Greatest Speech ever by Donald Trump & the Corrupt Bankers (2016)

Trump vs. Clinton (2016) Presidential Voter Guide - PDF to hand out. This is a two-sided 8.5 x 11 non-Globalist voter guide that can be placed at non-profits such as churches. It does not endorse any candidate and is therefore legal. If you are making a 24 x 36 bulletin, then use this one page voter guide: Trump vs. Clinton (2016) Bulletin Presidential Voter Guide - PDF. Students for Trump -- see List of Active Colleges

Scott Faval

Scott Foval, a Democratic Operative, admits Democrats Rig Elections

Democrat Operative Admits: We've been Rigging Elections "for 50 Years" (TV--10/21/16)

Caught in the Act! Massive Voter Fraud for Hillary (TV-10/21/16): WikiLeaks emails and leaked footage bring Democratic party to it's knees

Top British General Warns of Nuclear War with Russia: "The End of Life as We Know It" (10/21/16) -- Claims Moscow plans to march into Baltic States (even Jill Stein of the Green party stated that Hillary Clinton is trying to start a war with Russia and Donald Trump wants peace.

Emergency Message: Why the Elite Must Destroy Donald Trump (Trump Vs. Corrupt Government) -- TV 10/16/16 Media Matters is a State controlled media, New York Times owner gets big contract for phones from our government and donates to the Clinton Foundation and gets orders from Clinton.

Trump vs Clinton debate in Nevada 10/19/16.

Trump vs. Clinton debate in Las Vegas, Nevada (The Final Showdown tonight 9:00 PM EST, 10/19/16: Freedom vs Tyranny)

Trump vs. Clinton Debate in Nevada: Watch on this link and get the Truth (10/19/16)

One Day Biden Declares Cyber War, next day Assange is cut off the Internet (10/17/16) -- The Obama is apparently psychopathic and ready for nuclear war with Russia, who has kicked out the corrupt bankers.

Live: Trump VS. The World Debate (9PM)-- Share This Link: (10/09/16) -- excellent performance by Donald Trump in the debate--he devastated Hillary Clinton. Trump exposed who the real abusers of women are: Hillary Clinton's husband Bill (a rapist) and her foreign policy that supports Middle Eastern governments that oppress women, not locker room talk. He also exposed her email scandal, jobs lost because of her support of NAFTA and now TPP, etc. Hillary Clinton wants to shut down the coal industry and other high paying jobs. See Donald Trump Trounced Hillary Clinton in Second Debate by Chuck Baldwin (10/13/16)

Communication Workers of America betray the working class by not endorsing Donald Trump.Communication Workers of America (CWA) News (Volume 79, #3 Fall 2016) promotes Hillary Clinton even though Donald Trump is for the working class and against the so-called Free Trade agreements such NAFTA and TPP (see Hillary Clinton's leaked emails that shows she supports TPP (10/13/16)). Hillary Clinton is for TPP and her husband voted for NAFTA (5 million jobs lost). Allegations are being made by CWA Union members that the top brass at CWA was told they have to endorse Clinton even though the CWA (and other unions) rank and file members are voting for Trump. Trump employs thousands of miniorites that includes Mexicans and they love working for him. Allegations were also made that some high up officials in the union are going to mail out the truth to its members that Hillary Clinton is a fraud and to vote for Donald Trump to counter the misleading CWA News. Many union members allege that the leadership sold out to the Globalists. Billionaires and Wall Street donating to Clinton (20-to-1 for Hillary). Clinton is a Globalist and Trump is not a Globalist.

Politico Busted with a Rigged Poll Against Trump (10/11/16) & Jerry Falwell Jr on the Lou Dobbs Show on Fox about the Sabotage of Trump in the GOP (TV 10/12/16) & Trump Launches Surgical Strike Against Hillary --- Dr. Steve Pieczenik (Asst. Deputy Secretary of State) outlines what Donald Trump should do and what is really happening (TV 10/11/16).

Brietbart/Gravis Poll: Trump Gains, now Tied with Clinton 44-44 (10/06/16)

'Still the Best Candidate': Evangelicals Still Support Trump despite Video (10/08/16) -- people do not care about his private comment 11 years ago. This is the establishment trying to destroy Mr. Trump.

Alex Jones: Trump Must Attack (TV message 10/08/16) & Did Paul Ryan's Top Advisor Leak the Trump Tape (10/11/2016) & Jerry Falwell Jr. says GOP Set Trump Up and it Backfired (10/10/16) & Senator Mike Doherty Laces into Lt. Governor Guadagno (10/10/16). Paul Ryan is a disgrace.

GOP GestapoNew Jersey Republicans Disgrace themselves (10/09/16). The New Jersey Establishment/Globalist Republicans in addition to the Democrats who voted for the Gas Tax are a disgrace--who cares about some private conservation/locker-room talk on a bus 11 years ago by Trump that the media is editing. Hillary Clinton's emails released by Wikileaks shows she is a liar. Hillary's husband Bill Clinton is a rapist and had to settle a $850,000 lawsuit over sexual harrassment and how Hillary destroyed these women. Hillary (the State Dept.) is openly funding the Jihadists (ISIS) overseas and the radical Islamic governments sell children in the sex trade--Russia is actually fighting ISIS. Where was Lt. Governor Guadagno (a friend of Michael Chertoff, who is a Neocon, Globalist , warmonger and disgrace to this country that went against Trump in March with an open letter and is representing David Samson, who is not testifying in Bridgegate. Why? Fishman worked as First Assistant U.S Attorney under Michael Chertoff in 1991 to 1994. Is this being used against Governor Christie to release the dog leash and mousel off of Lt. Guadagno's neck and mouth that he had on her for the last 7 years so she could bash Trump? Is this being coordinated in order to attack Trump?) when Governor Christie used the IGA as a political campaign office and Guadagno helped her crony double dip at the Monmouth Sheriff's Office. Kim Guadagno has a lot of nerve throwing stones at Donald Trump. The Globalist Republicans and Democrats have betrayed this country and God and they are trying to stop Trump from helping the middle class and poor and bring our manufacturing jobs back home. McCain and Ryan are examples of elected officials who have betrayed this country--Trump is against NAFTA and TPP and these senseless wars.

Now Oak Keepers, who works with the Jews for the Preservation Firearms Ownership (JPFO) and Gun Owners of America (GOA) is being attacked by the Globalists and ADL. Congressman Scott Garret of NJ has to get a backbone. Since when is being against tyranny anti-semitic? So, if you were against Hitler and Fascism, this makes you anti-semitic? The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is described as anti-God (Yahweh), anti-Constitutional and a Globalist organization according to The New American Magazine and many others publications. See Holocaust survivor's Jack Zaifman's Phamplet on the History of Nazism, who did not like the ADL. Mr. Jack Zaifman was a member of the JPFO and NRA, who passed away this year (2016).

Hillary Clinton gets the support of most of the Billionaires for her campaign.

Billionaires Donate to Hillary 20-to-1 Over Trump (09/28/16) -- U.S. Members on Index on World's Richest Fund Democrat 20-to-1

Watch the Full NJ Capitol Interview With Senator Mike Doherty (TV Interiew with Steve Adubato and Rafael Pi Roman on 09/12/16). Scientists Admit Fake Climate Change Predictions (09/20/16)--Major Error

To see a list of Globalist Billionaires and Millionaires (Hillary's Wall Street Fat Cats And Billionaire Boys' Club) who support and donate big money to Hillary Clinton, click to read article from The New American Magazine, Sept. 5, 2016, page 12 entitled Trump vs. The Establishment. Third Party candidates: The Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson ( a nasty person who is a Democratic and Globalist operative and is not a Libertarian) and takes almost the identical positions of Hillary Clinton (TPP, Carbon Taxes, open borders, anti-Second Amendment, etc.). The other candidate for the Constitution Party, Darrell Castel ( a good guy), but his positions are almost identical to Donald Trump's positions. So, why is he running? It is a vote for Hillary Clinton.

Russia and U.S. on the Brink of War (TV 10/08/16)-- see Soros (a Hillary supporter and Hillary was also involved in the overthrow of Ukraine and is trying to overthorw Syria--Hillary is a warmonger) on Fareed Zakaria GPS TV admitting that he set up a fund with the State Dept. to overthrow Ukraine. General Mark Milley has his head up his Ass for wanting to start a war with Russia. This is Hillary Clinton's and Obama's foreign policy? Russia is actually kicking ISIS out of Syria.

Debate (09/26/16) at Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY: Yes, the debate was fixed and the moderator (Lester Holt, Anchor for NBC Nightly News) was the third debater against Trump and the microphone malfunctioned, which was admitted by the network.

Trump should Stick to the main topics such as the horrible free trade agreements (NAFTA resulted in 5 million jobs lost and guts our Constitution, TPP is worse), Billionaires and Wall Street donating to Clinton (20-to-1 for Hillary), Foreign policy (Iraq war that Trump was against and Hillary voted for as U.S. Senator & Libya (100,000 dead because of Hillary and women loosing their freedom), middle class and poor not doing well, Hillary was kicked out from being a Congressional aide because she fabricated evidence, etc. These other topics such as the Birther issue, former Miss Universe, etc. are just to takeTrump off the important topics and was planned and operated by the Clinton people--Trump should have answered the moderator and said, "this question is not relavent to a presidential debate" and "what about the important subjects such as the economy and terrorism"? Hillary and our allies are funding ISIS and Hillary supported the draconian drug laws passed by her husband against minorities are topics that should be discussed in the debate. The problem with the tax break for coporations is that people did not understand it when listening to the debate (Trump has to be more clear that trillions overseas would come back, who are paying no taxes and that many corporations who support Hillary such as Google, Microsoft, Apple (who has safe havens to pay no taxes), Facebook , pharmaceutical companies out source their jobs and pay very little taxes--Trump wants a 15% so the money will come back into the U.S. for investment and taxes, which you need for our safety net.) Whoever is advising Trump has their head up their "Butt" and is probably an establishment/Globalist.

I. Stop the Steal & TheStoneZone ( a false narrative is being brought forth against Russian President); II. 5 Reasons Bernie Voters Should Support Trump ; IIII. NRA Endorses Donald Trump (see speech (05/20/16) --Thumbs up for Donald Trump ; IV. (a site launched by Donald Trump to expose Hillary Clinton's lies); V. Donald J. Trump's authorized Super PAC is the Committee for American Sovereignty, not any others; VI. American Hispanics Want Trump Wall (07/11/16) -- Residents of McAllen, Texas explain why they support Donald Trump. (Media "Fact Checker"s Ignites Erupts over Trump's Iraq Stance (09/30/16) --Yes, Trump was Against the Iraq War (see 01/28/2003 interview on Fox News and in the Washington Post on 01/25/2003 said the Iraq War was a Mess a week after the war.)

Emergency! Hillary/Globalists Shutting Down Opposition Media (09/28/16)--Alex Jones Discusses the lastest news surrounding Michael Savages silencing by ABC radio and provides the background warning that was laid out by Matt Drudge one year ago (TV)


Committee for American Sovereignty Pac for Donald Trump

[ Be Wary of Bogus Trump Super Pac's (5/17/16) -- Any others are not sanctioned by the Trump campaign. Beware of so-called Christians and Conservatives trying to support a third party; they are Neocons and will support an establishment Neocon third-party candidate in order to get Hillary elected.]

Like a Boss -- Donald Trump Delivered a Stunningly Impressive "America First" Remarks in Mexico (08/31/16) -- A fearless American went to Mexico and unapologetically nailed his position on the relationship between the U.S.and Mexico. Trump likes Mexican President Pieta Nieto and had a great discussion with him and thought they could both benefit each others country. Also, hear the great speech on immigration in Phoenix, AZ -- see full speech and hear the detailed plan. And see Powerful: Black Trump Supporter Talks about His Journey of Awakening (YouTube 09/02/16) -- Trump is uniting the country while the Democratic Party continues agenda of division.

Why Conservatives Can't Trust Fox News (08/26/16) -- Learn about FOX and the tactics they use to distort the truth (TV commentary by Margaret Howell & Lee Ann Mcadoo). Rupert Murdoch is a major donor to Hillary Clinton and his sons that run Fox News are also behind Hillary Clinton. 3rd party candidate Johnson is a trojan horse and is a Globlist and put up by the establishment and is not libertarian.

Black Men for Bernie now for Trump!

'Black Men For Bernie' Founder To End Democrat 'Political Slavery' Of Minority Voters...By Campaigning For Trump! -- "Bernie inspired us to disrupt the status quo because it only works for the elites and not regular people who are struggling."

Top Experts Admit Trump Right About Election Fraud (YouTube ;08/23/16) -- Roger Stone talks about how more and more people are being forced to come out and admit there is election fraud

Bernie Supporters Say They're Voting for Trump (TV interview by CampusReform on 07/29/16) -- "I am leaving the Democratic Party.

Obama's Brother (Malik Obama) is voting for Donald Trump in the 2016 US Election

Khizr Khan Believes Sharia Trumps The Constitution (08/03/16) -- Khan has published papers supporting the supremacy of Islamic law over "man-made" Western law & What The Media Isn't Reporting About Khizr Khan and Khan justified the execution of gays (08/03/16)

Trump Leads Clinton in Latest Poll After Month of Trailing (08/21/16) -- Donald Trump finds himself ahead of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Senator Mike Doherty at the RNC

RNC 2016: Meet the N.J. lawmaker who has backed Donald Trump the longest (Senator Mike Doherty of NJ, 23rd District (07/18/16)

Stile from News: GOP More on the Fence than in Trump's Corner (07/19/16) -- the idiot Jon Bramnick (NJ Assemblyman, 21st District), who is not even a NJ Delegate, has not endorsed Trump yet. Bramnick sits on the floor of the NJ delegation and stood next to Governor Chris Christie's son (Andrew) and his son Andrew called in the NJ's 51 delegates at the RNC convention in Cleveland, Ohio, but cannot even endorse Trump. Someone please tell Bramnick to go the hell home. Another scumbag/Globalist, who wants to raise the NJ Gas Tax, in the Republican Party according to other NJ Republican delegates at the RNC convention. So, what does Governor Christie do? He praises Bramnick that cannot even endorse Trump. Governor Christie told his cronies not to cheer for Eric Trump (he was shunned by them), which was alleged by other NJ delegates? They have witnesses to confirm this happened. Also, Governor Christie does very little to help Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno -- it seems he ignores her and gives her no credit or praise.

Governor Chris Christie (NJ) delivered a great speech at the RNC convention; however, Russia is not our enemy (this was also stated on the Mike Savage show on 07/20/16). Governor Christie has to stop listening to his neocon, globalist, God hating friends. Russia is promoting Christians values, freedom, fighting against Islamic terrorism and harmful GMOs, etc. President Putin is a great man. Unlike America which is taking our freedoms away (see Twitter Execs won't Say If they Believe in Freedom of Speech at the RNC Convention (07/21/16)) -- many Conservative/Populist/Libertarian radio hosts including Fox News are trying to be shut down or censored; see CSJW Coup Going Down at Fox News (07/20/16) -- There apppears to be a coup going down at Fox News seeking to oust Roger Ailes). This is what the Globalists such as Hillary Clinton are behind.

Exclusive: GOP Elite Staging RNC Walkout to Stop Trump (Karl Rove trys to conspire a coup against Trump -- a scumbag). (TV -- 07/19/16)

Trump: Foreign Governments Likely Have 'Blackmail File' on Hillary (TV speech by Trump (06/22/16) -- "This fact alone disqualifies her from the presidency." Jobs are shipped overseas by so-called free trade agreements that Hillary Clinton supports and Donald Trump will stop this practice. Trump asks Bernie supporters to back him. FBI Source: Clinton Foundation Can Bring Down Entire Government (07/07/16) -- The real point of interest is the Clinton Foundation, not the email servers, source reveals.Putin of Russia Warns of World War 3 (see TV coverage -- 07/07/16) -- Society hurdles dangerously closer to global warfare. This is being caused by the West--dumb America knows nothing. Putin warns that Hillary Clinton is the most dangerous warmonger in U.S. history.

Winning The War Against Radical IslamIslamicInvasionDVDJihadAccordingQuranandHadith.jpg

Video: Alex Jones on France Terror Attack In Nice (TV -- 07/14/16) -- Western civilization under attack. Donald Trump is correct. What is President Obama and Hillary Clinton doing? Bringing thousands of Muslim refugees (many who are radical Jihadists) into the United States. Also, Clinton and Obama will not allow any (or very few) Christians to migrate to the United States from the Middle East.

See the following books entitled Winning the War Against Radical Islam and The Islamic Invasion and DVD enitled Jihad According to the Qur'an and Hadith by Dr. Robert A. Morey. Note: 12 Times Pope Francis Has Openly Promoted A One World Religion Or A New World Order (08/01/16) -- it has become exceedingly clear that his agenda includes moving humanity toward a one world religion and a new world order. The Pope also defends Islam.

Dr. Robert A. Morey (one of the top religious scholars in the world) is interviewed on "Frank and Friends" radio program on the topic of "What is Islam?" A Short Course (11/15/15) and "Judaism and Jews" (11/16/15) -- the information is not intended to offend Muslims or Jews, but just to give an accurate history and background. Pew Poll: 63 million Muslims support ISIS in 11 countries (2015)

Emma Watson who does not understand Islam.Author Offers $100K to Charity if Emma Watson Spends Week In Migrant Camp (07/06/16) -- Hollywood celebrity accused of hypocrisy over mass-migration stance (recommend book for Ms. Emma Watson: The Islamic Invasion by Dr. Robert A. Morey).

Black, Democrat Sheriff: Obama, Hillary Fueling 'War on Cops' to Exploit Hysteria (07/08/16) -- Obama "fuels this sort of anger," Sheriff Clark says. Note: FBI statistics--990 people shot dead by cops last year; there are 330 million people in the U.S. Breakdown by race: 494 white, 258 African American and 172 Hispanic shot dead in 2015. More African Americans people are shot dead in Chicago in the year 2015 than by cops (2000 people shot and 500 dead; black on black crime)--see Alex Jones: Obama/Soros Behind Dallas Police Massacre (Obama and Soros have worked in tandem to inflame racial tensions (TV commentary 07/10/16). The globalists want a UN take over of the police in America; it is an excuse by Obama and globalists to take down America. Black Lives Matter: Progressive Financed Vanguard of Socialist Control (TV commentary 07/10/16) -- CIA sponsored Cloward-Piven strategy bankrolled by liberal aims for race war and order out of chaos. See list of wealthy liberals (article on above) supporting leftist organizations such as Democracy Alliance, who meet behind closed doors with Black Lives Matter (BLM). See Black Harvard Economist Finds No Racial Bias in Officer-Involved Shootings (TV 07/12/16) -- 'The most surprising result of my career'.

Black El Paso Police Chief: BLM is A 'Radical Hate Group' (7/10/16) -- "The consequences of what we saw in Dallas is due to their efforts"

Sick: 'Black Lives Matter' (BLM) Supporters Celebrate Murder of Dallas Cops (07/08/16) -- BLM agitators joyful about slaughter of "pigs." BLM is a domestic terrorist organization that plotted to bomb a police station in Ferguson. Who is BLMs hero? Assata Shakur's is an icon to BLM. Also, it is alleged that George Soros )--who has funded coups overseas (for example, the Ukrainian coup) has given $33 million in one year to groups affliated with BLM according to Infowars. Dr. Martin Luther King's niece slams 'Black Lives Matter' Protesters ("Some people don't even remember Martin Luther King and what he stood for")

Alton Sterling: "Gentle Giant" Or Armed Felon? (07/10/16) -- Sterling was well known to local police as a dangerous criminal. Note: This does not implying that there is no discrimination going on with police departments, but it is being exaggerated (the problem is with police policy that affects all races such as the so-called war on drugs (former President Bill Clinton (with Hillary's approval) passed draconian drug laws when he was president that resulted in many African-Americans being put in jail). It was stupidity to shoot Philando Catile of Falcon Heights in his car, who had a concealed carry permit. FACE book disgraced themselves by supporting BLM and carred less about the 5 Dallas police officers assinated.

Unbiased, Independent Poll: Trump 67%, Clinton 19% (08/15/16)

Breaking: Donald Trump Secures Republican Nomination (07/19/16)

Trump Blasts Rinos Who Attacked Him: 'They Are The Ones Who Allowed Rise Of ISIS' (08/10/16) -- Shrugs off 50 Bush-era national security starategist who say they won't vote for him

Tumps Full Speech at RNC (TV 07/21/16)---Trump: "Legacy of Hillary Clinton is Death, Destruction, Terrorism and Weakness and anti-working Class--Hillary Clinton has always supported TPP. Bill Clinton with the help of Hillary Clinton in 1994 put nonviolent black Americans in jail with draconian drug laws. Hillary Clinton cared less about her destructive polices towards the black community.

Share This Link to Help Trump Stop Rigged Elections! -- Trump calls on Americans to become "election observers"

New Polls Are Rigged For Hillary Clinton (08/05/16) -- Pollsters calling this a "polling crisis". They are grooming the people by rigging the polls so they can commit voter fraud against Donald Trump. The media lied about Trump dropping out. Monmouth University just put out a rigged Presidential pole against Donald Trump this week (08/09/16)--they used 26% Republican and 35% Democrat. This is unheard of. See the ten points below on Donald Trump:

Putin Warns of World War 3 (TV video; 07/07/16)) -- Society hurdles dangerously closer to global warfare -- Hillary Clinton is one of the biggest warmongers to run in the presidential race; she supports trying to overthrow Russia, supports Islamic terrorists in the Middle East to carry out her neocon foreign policy such as destroying Libya (Benghazi; remember the murder of ambassador Christopher Stevens), Hillary Clinton facilitated an illegal arms deal to Qatar when Secretary of state and the sale of arms to Al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria (a felony and there is an Pheonix, Arizona arms dealer being investigated linked with Hillary), putting missles on Russia's borders and the banks and Wall Streets' corrupt agenda (free trade). The VP choice of Tim Kaine? The VP choice of Tim Kaine? He is bought and sold by the bankers. Tim Kaine gave illegal immigrants drivers licenses so they can commit voter fraud in Virginia.

Obama Exploits Dallas Police Murders to Federalize Local Law Enforcement (07/09/16) -- Advocates unconstitutional expansion of federal government (the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a hate group, should not be advising the police).

Senator Mike DohertyNJ Gas Tax increase is a Joke and Senator Mike Doherty (23rd District) speaks out (2016) -- It is a joke to raise the gas tax and then lower the Estate Tax--it is a shell game. Even Senator Steve Oroho (24th District), who supported the gas tax (he paid $400,000 of his own money for his senate bid & receives construction union money--nothing wrong if it is promoting something honest) got the raw end of the stick from Governor Christie on Thursday where the bill is stalled; Senator Oroho got some of his proposals removed or not supported that were in this bill from the Governor according to sources. There is no valid reason for any gas increase, especially since they want to lower the Estate Tax (3% of the population would benefit)--the whole thing is a scam and only Wall Street would benefit with refinancing. The Republicans and Democrats supporting the increase of the NJ gas tax are stupid. Former Assemblywoman Donna Simon (16th District) lost the election because she listened to the nonsense of Assemblyman Jack Ciattrelli (16th District) not to speak out against the gas tax. Senator Mike Doherty (23rd District)--see Senator Doherty, Assemblyman DiMaio and Assemblyman Peterson protesting the gas tax -- has been a vocal opponent of this increase of the NJ gas tax -- it is a shell game and will hurt the middle class and poor. Note: This is a pro-union site; however, the push by construction unions to raise the NJ gas tax is dishonest. Also, all State, county, local government, Police employees (maybe with the exception of the State Police and the Railroad pension), etc. should have one pension (PERS)--PFRS was started in in 1944, but was very restricted (many LEOs had to stay in PERS because of age). They can have a tier system so if you want to retire earlier, you can have a higher deduction amount from your pay check.

Gary Johnson, who is a globalist plant.Gary Johnson is a Globalist/One-Worlder masquerading as a Libertarian (07/03/16) -- Gary Johnson is a phony and a front man for the globalists and an asshole. He falsely accuses Trump of Racism in order to smear him---Gary Johnson suppports TPP, Johnson is anti-2nd Amendment and puts non-violent people in jail for drug use. Donald Trump opposes TPP (Mr. Trump has the support of the Unions and the American working class of all races and nationalities).

Trump: The Era of Economic Surrender is Over! (Video Commentary including Russian News spokeswoman-- (06/28/16) -- Republican Donald Trump blasts Hillary Clinton for dismantling America and screwing the American worker.


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