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U.S. Military being purged of Christians

Image credits: vanguardpao, Flickr. United States military being purged of Christians (welcome to Nazi Germany who hated Bible-believing Christians).

Christians Are Being Systematically Purged From the U.S. Military (04/18/15) --If you are a Bible-believing Christian, there is no place for you in Barack Obama's version of the U.S. military.

Tell Congress to Vote NO (Flush the on the Fast Track approval for the TPP! Many members of Congress haven't even been allowed to read the fine print in the TPP!

"Secret "Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trying to be fast tracked thanks to U.S. Senate Finance Committe Chariman Orris Hatch (R-UT) and Senator Wyden (D-OR)--sell outs (04/18/15)

This is also a blank check with no legal accountability to Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, Cargill, Syngenta, and other biotech companies for destroying our health and our planet simultaneously. Leaked details from the TPP have detailed that corporations would actually be allowed to sue local governments in a secret international tribunal for passing laws like GMO-labeling or bans on genetically modified foods. Also, see Leak of Secret Trade Doc Reveals Sovereignty-destroying Courts.

No Matter Who Wins the White House, The New Boss Will Be The Same As The Old Boss (04/17/18)--Each American will have to decide for themselves whether they prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery

The Most Prosperous States for the Last 10 Years -- They All Have One Very Important Thing in Common: 1. they hold down spending and entitlement programs and are more Judeo-Christian in culture.

'Bloggers' Compared To ISIS during Congressional Hearing: Russian Television (RT) attacked (04/16/15) --People who challenge establishment narritves online linkened with terrorist organization. Quote from article:

...former RT host Liz Wahl, who made a public spectacle of quitting Russian state media last year in an incident stage-managed by neo-con James Kirchick, himself a former employee of Radio Free Europe -- a state media outlet...Remarking that the Internet provided a platform for “fringe voices and extremists," Wahl characterized people who challenge establishment narratives as a "cult"...

"Without a doubt, RT puts out pro-Russian propaganda, but it also broadcasts truths about geopolitics and U.S. foreign policy that Americans will never see on mainstream corporate networks, precisely because those networks are also engaged in propaganda."

Day of Dialogue

The Day of Dialogue--high school students can take a stand for marriage (a creation ordinance; Gen. 2:23-24); students can legally counter the promotion of the homosexual agenda in their high schools by "The Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network" (GLSEN)--the Day of Silence is held every year at many high schools across this nation such as Hunterdon Central High School thru sponsoring clubs such as PULSE. The purpose of The Day of Silence is to legitimize homosexuality--GLSEN encourages students celebrating this event to lobby for legislation supported by homosexual-advocacy groups and pressure school officials to implement things such as "queer friendly" prom. (Recommended Bible Tract to hand out: How Should Christians Respond to "Gay" Marriage?) See and High School Tab for further information. 2015 Day of Dialogue Flyer Hand Out --PDF ; Note: this flyer is not produced by the Day of Dialogue.) There are 18,000 students taking a stand for marriage on 04/16/15 according to Focus on the Family. Praise God--they are not Evangellyfish.

Note: Everyone is born into sin from birth (Genesis 8:21; Psalms 51:5; Romans 5:12, 3:23 & Ephesians 2:3) because of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. Because everyone is a sinner, one needs to repent and accept the savior (Yeshua Ha-Maschiach--the Supreme Ruler of the Universe) for the forgivesness of sins. The Bible is very clear on homosexuality--it condemns the behavior as sin in addition to fornication (sex outside of marriage), adultery, androgyny, cross-dressing (Deut. 22:5), bestiality, covetousness, lying, perjury, murder, etc. Man lost the ability to keep God's law 100% after the fall. (See the Militant Lifestyle Tab for further information.)

Martin Luther King Jr., Washington march on August 28, 1963

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. states, "If You are Gay; You have Psychological problems"--he stated this in Ebony magazine in 1958 and recently published in Godfather Politics (2014).

See video on Dr. King's position that is located on Pastor Dr. James Manning's website and go to video entitled If you are Gay; you have Psychological problems--YouTube (2014) & One Thing I Know: Dr. King Ain't No Homo (11/18/14)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was called “an evil, abnormal beast” in an anonymous letter FBI agents sent the civil rights leader in 1964 in an effort to get him to commit suicide, a newly published, unredacted version of the note, shows. (17 Nov. 2014)--he told homosexual J. Edgar Hoover (Director of the FBI) to shove it.

Question asked. Rev. Martin Luther King, jr. , in his Advice for Living column in Ebony, answers a young gay man that asked, ..."I am a boy but I feel about boys the way I ought to feel about girls. I don't want my parents to know about me..."

Answer given. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. answered: "Your problem is not all an uncommon one. However, it does require careful attention. The type of feeling that you have toward boys is probably not an innate tendency, but something that has benn culturally acquired. Your reasons for adopting this habit have now been consciously suppressed or unconsciously repressed. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with this problem by getting back to some experiences and circumstances that led to the habit. In order to do this I would suggest that you see a good psychiatrist who can assist you in bringing to the forefront of conscience all of those experiences and circumstances that led to the habit...

Dr. Alveda King at a pro-life rally

Image credit: Wikipedia. Dr. Alveda King (niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) at a pro-life rally in 2009, who is a NAACP member and former Democrat and elected official to the Georgia House of Representatives (1979 - 1981). Her uncle was a Republican.

" Yes, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dr. Alveda King (niece) were against homosexuality. Dr. Alveda King condemned the gays and the LGBT activist vultures in 1997 for equating gay rights with the struggle for Civil Rights of African-Americans. Yes, homosexuality is not a Civil Right and Dr. Alveda's uncle (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) did not die to promote the homosexual agenda--Dr. Alveda King made this very clear. She is also pro-life.

Ukraine Blocks 10,000 Websites, Confiscates A Newspaper (04/10/15) --Security Bureau of Ukraine seized and disappeared two Odessa bloggers

An excerpt from the article above:

This video recounts and shows the history of “OUN-UPA in the 1930-1950 years” and documents that it carried out most of Adolf Hitler’s extermination program in Ukraine during World War II-- including 80% of the Babi Yar massacre of Jews, which the Russian poet Yevtushenko memorialized. To the people that the Obama Administration has placed in power in Ukraine, it was a heroic achievement. And yet, far-right Jews are part of it--ideological brothers-under-the-skin, and it also has the support of 98%+ of the U.S. Congress.

Russia To Launch Its Own National Fast Food Chain (04/10/15) --Restaurant to compete with McDonald's

New Mexico Gov. Signs Anti-Forfeiture Bill At Last Minute (04/10/15) --Bi-partisan bill to protect innocent citizens' property receives massive support

Robert Kennedy Jr. Warns of Vaccine-Linked 'Holocaust' (04/08/15) --"They can put anything they want in that vaccine and they have no accountability for it"

Fiorina Blasts Apple CEO's 'Hypocrisy' Over Indiana Law --Apple willingly sells to Saudi Arabia, where gays are persecuted.

Republican Ruse? Indiana "Religious Freedom" Law Bait and Switch --Indiana Republicans possibly were trying to do their best impression of a cheap tent, but there perhaps hasn't been such a quick folding since the collapse of the Maginot Line.

Look what NAFTA did to Detroit.

Federal Legislative Action Alerts from "The John Birch Society" (Forms to E-mail your Senator and Representative 04/02/15) --the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will further destroy the working class, oppress the poor (especially in the black community) and destroy the Constitution. President Obama, who is a Globalist like Bush and Clinton) is promoting this evil trade agreement; Seattle City Council Unanimously Declares Opposition to Fast Track, TPP --if the Obama administration DOES NOT abide by these here values, Seattle will ask Congress to reject the TPP.

TPP Power Grab: World Bank, Goldman Sachs, CFR (04/01/15)

Nat'l Black Church Initiative Breakes With PCUSA Over Same-Sex Marriage (04/01/15)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr states, he who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.

Liberals Pushing Gardasil Shots on All Mexican Girls (TV commentary) 'Host --HPV is not prevented from this shot.

Media Hides Radical Muslims Killing Christians (04/02/15) --ISIS is all over the United States.

Warren Buffett: Artificial Intelligence Will Decide Whether Humans Live or Die (04/02/15) --It will be the computer that makes the decision in a nanosecond. Buffet's "Secular Humanist" anti-God worldview is an abomination to the Supreme Ruler of the Universe.

Using Phony Job and Export Claims to Push TPP Fast Track(03/2015)

Common Core Rebellion to "Opt Out" of Tests Spreads Nationwide (03/2015)

FAA Allows Pilots To Take Mass Murder, Suicide Pills (03/30/15) --SSRIs linked to suicide.

Fox News Caught Lying For Military Industrial Complex (03/27/15) --Segment pushes government talking points on training exercise.

Texas Hostile Map

Feds Preparing To Invade Texas, List State As 'Hostile' (03/22/15) --Some participants will be wearing civilian attire and driving civilian vehicles...

Beyond Denial: Preparations For Martial Law In America (03/27/15--TV commentary) --The federal government and the U.S. Army have been readying for domestic unrest for decades, and preparations are accelerating exponentially.

Texas Lawmaker Pushes Mandatory Mental Health Screening For Children (03/26/15) --Will Give Teachers Authority to Force Student Mental Evaluations. See FAQ 20 about Students Should be Warned About Psychological Counseling.

Army And MSM Launch Disinfor Psyop Against American People (03/23/15) --Special Operations leadership attempts to downplay military drill listing Texas as "hostile"

In Trenton, RFK Jr. Speaks Against Mandatory School Vaccinations (03/24/15) --"All of the studies show the primary reason people don't vaccinate - the primary reason - is mistrust of the regulators..."

The Day of Dialogue. High School Students Standing up for Marriage between a Man & a Woman (a Creation Ordinance in the Book of Genesis 2:23-24) -- April 16, 2016. Will the Christian Clubs at Hunterdon Central High School and other high schools stand up for righteousness? Most of the so-called Evangelicals and Pastors are cowards in the U.S. Most will not even announce it from their pulpits.


SOCOM Plan To Invade 'Hostile' Texas Revealed (03/20/15) --Is your State next?

William Binney, a NSA whistleblower.

NSA Whistleblower: 'We're No Longer A Country With A Government, We're A Government With A Country' (03/19/15) --Former high-level intelligence official warns of "totalitarian" slide into a "controlled society"

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

Obama Joked About Being Kenyan Last Week But Charlie Sheen Can't (03/20/15)--Barack Obama: "If I did not love America, I wouln't have moved here from Kenya". This has nothing to do with race, but about Obama's evil acts.

Dr. James Manning--are we better off after the Civil Rights Act? Obama is an anti-Christ and wicked according to Dr. James Manning (minister in Harlem, NYC)

Obama's Pure "Unadulterated Evil" Reverend David Manning on Russia Today (RT)--see video interview.

Dr. James Manning: Are we Better Off after the Civil Rights Act? (04/10/14)--see video.

Black Pastors Slam Supreme Court over Gay Marriage (2014)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr states, he who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.

Black Pastors Slam Supreme Court Marriage Protection Non-Ruling; Where are The White Pastors? (10/21/14) --White Christian pastors have been mostly silent, except for a few (Chuck Baldwin), according to Samuel Jenkins a church elder from NJ. What can you do?--Thomas More Law Center is working with the The Coalition of of African-American Pastors (CAAP), who asked for Eric Holder's impeachment because of his support for same sex marriage.

One of the Black Coalition members, Pastor Danny Holliday, of Victory Baptist Church in Alton, Illinois, told the news media: "Just as the Supreme was all wrong on slavery, which resulted in the Civil War, it is all wrong on legalizing same-sex marriage. I have seen prayer removed from schools, Christmas Nativity Scenes removed from public property. I have watched as the words Merry Christmas have become taboo. I have watched the news as we were told that Courts have ruled that crosses were now illegal on Government property, many of them in place since the World Wars.”

Black Open Carry Group Rallies At SXSW (03/16/15) --Open carry group calls on black Americans to take up arms.

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