Founded 2004      (NJIAT)


New Jersey Institute for the Advancement of Truth (NJIAT) is officially incorporated in the State of New Jersey as an Educational Non-Profit Corporation (NP) with a valid tax ID number. NJIAT was founded in 2004 for the express purpose of promoting the truth in all areas of life. NJIAT is not a tax exempt 501(c)(3) corporation -- the board will have to consider whether to apply for tax exemption status under IRS.

A hundred percent (100%) of all donations will be applied to purchasing books, magazines, tracts, taking ads out, publishing books, other material, etc. in order to give to students (especially our college and high school students) and non-students free of charge. The President and board members do not take a salary and are not paid any compensation.

Donations can be made thru Paypal above.

In the Messiah's name,
Didymus, President

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[NJIAT (a NJ Nonprofit Education Corporation) is not affiliated with any political party. The information is to help students and non-students learn the truth.]