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Infowars Magazine February 2013 IssueArthur Schlesinger Jr.

Tyrants want your Guns (Infowars Magazine--04/01/13), Demopublicans vs. Republicrats (The New American Magazine--11/13/06), The Anti-Journalists (Whistleblower Magazine--07/01/11) and Pictures of the U.S. Media Brainwashing Citizens and How they Control what you See and Hear--Boycott the Dunghead Media Demagogues: Video by Dr. James Manning, an African-American Pastor in Harlem, NYC & Former Reporter Amber Lyon Exposes Massive Cenorship at CNN & Alexa Caught Fixing Rankings to Target Anti-Obama News Sites?(05/05/15) & Alex Jones vs The Mainstream Media (04/24/15) --a documentary film from More News exposing the Mainstream Media's propaganda campaign to ridicule Jones. Positive movement: Christian News Wire announces Las Vegas Christian TV Station (Las Vegas Tonight) Launches New Family Channel

Petition to President-Elect Donald J. Trump: Defend Independent News Media from 'Fake News' attacks (2016)

Click this link for a listing of "Real Fake News" outlets and State controlled Media

Web Search Engines

  1. Startpage Web Searchprotects your privacy and identity when searching the web; it is based in the Neatherlands and does not adhere to the unconstitional U.S. Laws such as PRISM, Patriot Act, FISA, NDAA, etc. 2. --an encrypted e-mail service.3. Yandex--a popular Russian search engine.  4. To bypass Google/YouTube censorship, use Good Gopher. 5. Foiling Foul Hackers & Protecting your Privacy in the Digital Age--see the following: A. ProtonMail (Secure Email based in Switzerland that is outside the U.S. and EU jurisdictions); B.Startpage or DuckDuckGo (these are search engines that do not track you); C.Ubantu or Fedora (Operating system, allows full disk encryption--use the search engines above to download any info); D. Gab (Social Media); and E. Have a strong password: For example, 3cl!ps3dG8+@6r5h (see How Secure is my Password?). Also, see Free the Internet.              

CIA has over 400 agents in the news mediaA statement from William Colby, CIA director from 1973-1976, who said, “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” U.S. Media and the CIA. In 2012, an amendment inserted in a defense authorization bill reversed a current ban on propaganda material producted by the State Department and the independent Broadcasting Board of Governors. This change neutralized The Smith_Mundt Act of 1948 and Foreign Relations Authorization Act in 1987 that had protected Americans from exposure to patently false disinformation produced by the United States government.

Senate Quietly Passes the "Countering Disinformation and Progaganda Act" (12/11/16) -- Another, perhaps even more dangerous and limiting to civil rights and freedom of speech bill passed on December 8, 2016. Excerpt from article:

In other words, the Act will i) greenlight the government to crack down with impunity against any media property it deems “propaganda”, and ii) provide substantial amounts of money fund an army of “local journalist” counterpropaganda, to make sure the government’s own fake news drowns that of the still free “fringes.”

So while packaged politely in a veneer of “countering disinformation and propaganda”, the bill, once signed by Obama, will effectively give the government a full mandate to punish, shut down or otherwise prosecute, any website it deems offensive and a source of “foreign government propaganda from Russia, China or other nations.” And since there is no formal way of proving whether or not there is indeed a foreign propaganda sponsor, all that will be sufficient to eliminate any “dissenting” website, will be the government’s word against that of the website. One can be confident that the US government will almost certainly prevail in every single time.

CIA emblemWho are the People behind the Media Scene? Excerpt from an article entitled Deep State & Fake News by William F. Jasper from The New American Magazine dated May 08, 2017,

"The public sparring between the "intelligence community" and Donald Trump -- first as president-elect candidate, and then as president -- has exposed the dangerous consequences of congressional dereliction in allowing the intelligence agencies to run for decades without accountability. Equally important, it has exposed the degress to which the MSM (CNN, the New York Times, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc.) have become mere adjuncts of the CIA, NSA, DNI, FBI, etc. However, there is another three-letter acronymn that gets short shrift, but is of paramount importance, in all the heated discussion over the currently unfolding Deep State machinations: CFR, for Council on Foreign Relations, the globalist Brain Trust for Deep State operations. While critics on the Right and the Left denounce the surveillance abuses, invasions of privacy, political interference (at home and abroad), secret wars, assassination, and other immoral and illegal "intelligence community" practices, they evince a curious and stubborn reluctance to mention the CFR, the 500-lb gorilla in the room."

Ruling Class Journalist: The Washington Post's David Ignatius (CFR/CIA), a frequent "expert" commentator on many MSM platforms, epitomizes the media elites who shill for the globalist New World Order.

..."Left-wing journalist and Deep State crtic Glenn Greenwald perceptively Tweeted:"'Very significant it's David Ignatius who broke story of Flynn talking to the Russians since he's long been [an] all-but-official CIA media spokesman"'....

..".How many of the above-named news­hounds and their hundreds of CFR brethren are actually paid operatives of the intelligence agencies? That is a very important question, since recent history shows that a great many influential media folk have been in bed with the "intelligence community." Although the existence of the CIA’s Project Mockingbird was known for decades, it was not officially confirmed until 2007. In the past few years and months, several million more documents have been released by the CIA, thanks to leaks and FOIA lawsuits, revealing the alarming degree to which the CFR-run intelligence community is politicized and how, in turn, the CFR-CIA Deep State operatives weaponized the American media into a fearsome propaganda network. The list of those who were key participants in that network reads like a Who’s Who of America’s “prestige press” during the 1950s, '60s, and '70s: the owners, publishers, and editors of the Washington Post and New York Times; magazine and television network executives and reporters; nationally syndicated columnists; and news wire services"...

Infowars magazine 1776 _May 2014 issueToday's media is not about reporting news, but about entertainment and State sponsored propaganda. 6 Corporations own 90% of the media.

Top German Journalist Admits Mainstream Media Is Completely Fake: "We All Lie for The CIA" (03/29/16) --"I've been a journalist for about 25 years, and I was educated to lie, to betray, and not to tell the truth to the public."

Today's media is not about reporting news, but about entertainment and State sponsored propaganda. As of 2011, 6 corporations own 90% of the media in America and 232 media executives control what information 277 million Americans will receive & U.S. Plunges to 46th In World Press Freedom Index...Below Romania (02/17/14) & The Alternative Media Sabotage Operation Exposed: Pro-establishment sites given false ratings boost (see video-10/16/14) --Amazon-owned web analytics service Alexa gives false ratings according to Alex Jones.


Demopublicans vs RepublicratsInfowars December 2013 Issue: The year the mainstream media diedDees Media Brainwashing









( Proof: Establishment Media Controlled by Joseph Farah of Worldnetdaily & Exposing the Corporate Media by Bradlee Dean, an ordained minister, heavy metal band drummer & talk show host.)

Thank the Supreme Ruler of the Universe (Yeshua Ha-Mashiach) for the internet and the few faithful internet news sites, news magazines and radio shows that report the truth. Use the internet for real news while you can--this option might disappear in the near future.

President Obama Quietly Signs the 'Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act' into Law (12/25/16) -- Just like that, the US Ministry of Truth is officially born
Fast forward to December 8, when the “Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act” passed in the Senate, quietly inserted inside the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Conference Report.
Here is the full statement issued by the generously funded Senator Rob Portman (R- Ohio) on the siging into law of a bill that further chips away at press liberties in the US, and which sets the stage for future witch hunts and website shutdowns, purely as a result of an accusation that any one media outlet or site is considered as a source of “disinformation and propaganda” and is shut down by the government.

List of Internet News online websites and a few Radio Programs

  • Stone Cold Truth--Roger Stone has been a senior campaign aide to four Republican presidents including Nixon, Reagan and Donald J. Trump. Mr. Stone served as Chairman of Donald Trump’s Presidential Exploratory Committee in 2000 and Strategic Consultant in 2012. An outspoken libertarian, he is the author of the New York Times bestseller "The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ", the Clinton's War on Women, The Bush Crime Family, and the Making of the President 2016--How Donald Trump Orchestrated a Revolution. See JFK Was Assassinated By LBJ, Establishment, Deep State.
  • Drudge Report--a listing of many news outlets and breaking news headlines such as Infowars.
  • such as infographics, relevant documents, etc.

Unique News Sites from a Biblical Perspective

Investigative News sites; of course the other sites also investigate and expose the lies

  • The New American
  • The New American —this is also one of the best internet news sites that does not the play the phony game of Conservatism vs. Liberalism, Republican vs. Democrat or promote so-called free trade agreements that are destroying the middle class and sovereignty of this country—it puts the Constitution, Bill of Rights and God first. One can also subscribe for their magazine The New American published twice monthly. Also, see the Voting Index Tab for the Freedom Index.
  • The New American TV--it actually reports what is really happening in this country.
  • The John Birch Society--A true Constitutional group that has warned the U.S. 40 years ago what was really happening behind the scenes. Many so-called conservatives will not even cover or mention many of the bills in the Freedom Index--rates your Senator & Congressman on their voting record.
  • Whistleblower—Power Play
  • WorldNetDaily started in 1997 by Joseph Farah and is considered one of your top internet news sites for news. Publishers of the monthly magazine "Whistleblower."


  • Dr.James Manning
  • AtlahMediaNetwork (AMN)--Dr. James Manning, an African-American minister in Harlem, NYC, takes a stand against President Obama's anti-Christian positions and policies and forged birth certificate and Mayor Bloomberg of NYC, who is a baby killer according to Dr. Manning (Obama and Bloomberg promote abortion and infanticide). Dr. James Manning, African American Pastor in New York City, tells Mayor Bloomberg on his radio program on 12/17/12 to keep his mouth shut about the shooting at Sandy Hook.
  • Dr. Manning also exposes Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannnity (we will have to give Sean Hannity credit for taking a stand for Donald Trump and Hannity has been coming out against the New World Order--thumbs up for Hannity), Rush Limbaugh (even Rush Limbaugh is supporting Donald Trump--thumbs up for Limbaugh), Glenn Beck Mark Levin, etc. as anti-God, false conservatives and phony Constitutionalists that do not care about the middle class and poor or freedom. See Glenn Beck is Rat Poison--07/16/13. Fox News is not conservative. Listen to his live radio: The Manning Report. Weekdays from 3PM to 6PM ET located at ( Call 646-845-9707 or download on iphone. Glenn Beck cannot be trusted and has gone against the Patriot movement and President Trump--Beck is a Globalist.
  • RussiaBanner of the Russian Federation
  • Russia Today (RT)--covering international news (in English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, etc.). The best cable TV station that actually reports the news. Watch for free on your TV by purchasing a TV antenna if you do not have Dish or Cable at TV Antenna --the HD-468 Indoor HDTV Antenna is excellent (UHF/VHF signal reception); they also sell outdoor antennas.
  • Max Keiser is the CEO and co-founder He is also the producer/presenter of Keiser Report on RT. He is a graduate of NYU and had a career on Wall Street.
  • Pravda--a Russian News website that acutally reports about events in the U.S. that major networks and newspapers in the United States will not report on such as Sheriff Arpaio's investigation into Obama'a birth certificate (in English, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, etc.)
  • Radio-The Voice of Russia--interviews Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona over Obama's forged birth certificate investigation.

Inteview of Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily by Alex Jones

Other News Sites By Alphabetic Order

Students for Rights and Academic Freedom & Second Amendment

Local Newspapers (Hunterdon County, NJ, Pennsylvania). AZ News & Black Listed News, Light from the Right Blogs--these are excellent examples for high school and college students who want to start blogs that actually reports real news

Hunterdon Central High School banner with Gandhi saying

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world"--Gandhi

Note: We had to chuckle when they saw Gandhi’s name on a banner in the cafeteria by the Field House at Hunterdon Central High School on June 11, 2005 when attending an event (The Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Hunterdon Central sponsored an event: Got Truth?--a summer kick-off concert--PDF). Gandhi was a sex pervert who gave rectal enemas to teenage girls and was a pious fraud- -read page 2 in the article titled: The Gandhi Nobody Knows--PDF. The Gandhi Nobody Knows (ISBN# 0-8407-5871-5). Also, see Tal Brooke's, who studied in India under famous Guru's such as Sai Baba (YouTube video). Tal Brooke is an alumni of Princeton University and his parents were diplomats.

  • Hunterdon Central's Independent Student's Media (The lamp Online)--you can reply On-line to the articles; what is wrong with the Hunterdon Central High School students, especially the Christians for not replying to some of the articles that promote a non-Biblical position? I think the Lamp would appreciate intellectual discussions from their fellow students on the topics covered.
  • Subscribe to Hunterdon Central's High School--The Lamp--PDF
  • Campus Reform--stands up for students' rights at college campuses.
  • The Hunterdon County News--you can write articles On-line.
  • Hunterdon County Democrat --
  • Note 2015: NJIAT does not edit or censor letters sent to them nor remove links from letters; it is unfortunate that the Hunterdon County Democrat will exclude web links or not mention organizations it does not agree with from "Letters to the Editor" submitted to them. This policy change was alleged to have taken place by a person--who had their websites posted in every letter submitted up until 5 or 6 years ago--this person (who spoke with NJIAT) called one of reporters/editors 5 years ago and they alleged that the reporter/editor said "it is not their job to inform the public--let them find the information". In other words, no website links, but censorship! I thought that a newspaper is suppose to inform the public. This seemed to occur when one of the employees (Shirley S.) left the Democrat approx. 5 years ago, who was in charge of the"Letters to the Editor". Shirley would include websites and would not censor the "Letters to Editor"--this has not been the case with the present Hunterdon County Democrat Editors over the past 5 or 6 years. (In February 2001, Penn Jersey Advance, Inc., a unit of Advance Publications (Newhouse), bought The Democrat and its sister publications. Based in Somerville, New Jersey, Penn Jersey Advance is the parent company of NJN Publishing, a network of newspapers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania; prior to 2001, it was famiy owned (H. Seely Thomas Jr) .)

  • Hunterdon Review
  • The Messenger-Gazzet--covers Somerset County area.
  • NJ 101.5 FM
  • Local Newspapers in Pennsylvania
  • Local Newspapers in New Jersey
  • The Arizona Sentinel
  • Black Listed News --has a list of many blogs and news sights.
  • RINF Alternative News --UK's first self-financed and 100% independent news sources.
  • Light from the Right

Foreign Newspapers

  • * requires registration

U.S. Newspapers


* Requires Registration

Fake News Outlets by Infowars below -- see The Ulitmate Fake News Outlet (TV 12/07/16) by Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

Happening Now ! EU Announces Censorship of US Sites (12/07/16) -- So-called "Fake News" is a term so broad that it includes perfectly legitmate news content. Any CEO's and owners of social media or news networks who are behind this censorship (especially if they are working with foreign governments) and the shutdown of independent news should be prosecuted for racketeering.

Huffington Post presidential prediction


– The New York Times; – The Washington Post; – CNN; – NBC News; – MSNBC; – CBS News; – ABC News; –; – The Huffington Post; – Rolling Stone; – BBC News; – Sky News; – Financial Times; – Politico; – New York Daily News; – L.A. Times; – USA Today; – US News & World Report; – CBC; – Gawker; – Newsweek; – Time; – Business Insider; – Daily Beast; – VICE; – Yahoo News; – Daily Kos; – Young Turks; – Slate; – NPR; – PBS; – Raw Story; – New Yorker; – Buzzfeed; – MoveOn; – Think Progress; – Media Matters; – Wonkette; – Center for American Progress; – Little Green Footballs;
– The Economist.

A list of fake news sites


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Dr. James Manning (Atlah, NYC)

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