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ADHD/No to Ritalin & Vaccinations

Fluoride in the drinking water is poison

New American Magazine 091707Vaccination is not immunization

The Top 15 Lies You're Being Told About Health and Mainstream Medicine (07/30/14) & MSM Attacks Multivitamins & Moms Speak Out on CDC Vaccine-Autism Cover-Up & 5 Vaccines to Never Give A Child & CDC Vaccine Hoaxes Exposed (2015--video) --Propaganda surrounds vaccine campaign; remember the Swine Flu hoaxes in the 1970's? & Hospital: Vaccine Is Causing Babies To Stop Breathing (video-05/05/15) & Vaccines Killing Children Worldwide (09/11/15) & Trump Taps Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to Head New Commission on Vaccine Safety and Scientific Integrity (01/11/17) & Cognitune Smarter Health: 12 Best "Adderall" Alternatives that are Natural

Emphyclear Nasal, an all natural Nasal Spray for children and adults by Dr. Alain Martin (the patent holder of Neosporin, Lubriderm and Cool Mint Listerine and three Schick products) has 36 leading patents.

Vaccination Flyer

Bombshell: Study Proves Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier (TV Interview on 05/06/17) -- Studies put to question the safety of current vaccination practices. Also, see the following websites in reference to the vaccination study: 1. Oat open Access text (Preterm birth, vaccination and neurodevelopmental disorders: a cross-sectional study of 6- to 12-year-old vaccinated and unvaccinated children) ; 2. Oat open Access text (Pilot comparative study on the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated 6- to 12- year old U.S. children; and 3. Ghost Ship Media (investigative journalism).

List of Holistic Medical Doctors (MD's) toward bottom of page.

Quick reference to Organizations on GMO's, Vaccinations and Antidepressant drugs:

GMO NewsCouncil on Vaccine SafetyNational Vaccine Information CenterVaccine Liberation ArmyStop Antidepressant Violence from EscalatingSSRI Stories, Anitdepressant NightmaresFluoride Alertexposing dangerous Vaccines

Click "Whole Health Tab" for Amazing Health Information

Vaccination Flyer 

Child Ease from Infowars--helps children relax naturally.

Children today live in a stressful world. Over-stimulation can affect their behavior and concentration.

Child Ease™ by Infowars Life™  is a special blend of herbs that has been specifically designed to soothe the mind and bodies of children.

Our new formula uses soothing botanicals like chamomile, lemon balm, and catnip, with the nourishing tonifiers hawthorn, zizyphus, gotu kola extract, and amla. We have even added additional herbs and key nutrients that have been traditionally used by cultures around the world.

Child Ease™ is a great-tasting, alcohol-free liquid that we have found to be very enjoyable by children. Naturally sweet without the presence of sugar. To purchase, see Child Ease.

What can be Done with ADHD and ADD?

Dumbing down American kids

Unfortunately, there are millions of children, mostly boys (twice as many boys as girls are given psychiatric drugs), that are being diagnosed with so-called new diseases like ADHD and ADD.  A generation ago they did not exist.  Millions of children are then prescribed Ritalin, which is a trade name for Methylphenidate. (The Drug Enforcement Administration classifies Ritalin as a "Schedule II" substance.)  Ritalin has become a popular treatment for "attention-deficit" and "overactivity" problems in school children--this is disgraceful and dangerous. Also, see the National Vaccine Information Center, Vaccination Is Not Immunization by Dr. Tom' O'Shea and Don't Vaccinate! Before You Educate by Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, MD below under link list on how vaccinations can be a risk and danger to your children. (See YouTube video entitled Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, MD and Congressman Dan Burton on Mercury in Vaccines & & S.A.V.E (Stop Antidepressant Violence from Escalating).)

Dr. Mary Ann Block, D.O.--an expert on treating ADHD-ADD without drugs--approaches the underlying causes of the learning and health problems instead of prescribing dangerous psychiatric drugs!  (See link list below for the ADHD Kit and article entitled ADHD: Fix it without drugging your kids.)

Note: Hundreds of violent episodes, including most of the  school shootings in the last two decades, the students were linked to some kind of psychiatric drug (see link list below for further information on this subject and article entitled The Psychiatric Drugs (4/15/13)--2003 FDA Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew D. Mosholder discovered evidence that Antidepressants increase the risk of suicidal behavior and violent behavior in children. One group, AbleChild, is asking for a investigation on why all the school shooters are on some kind of antidpressant drug.

Advice: William Kelly Eidem, author of the book enitled The Doctor who cures Cancer: The story about Emanuel Revici, M.D., recommends via a news letter sent via e-mail on 09/18/13, "If you or a family feel down, depressed or anxious, try taking an herb  or 5-HTP. Herbs like Holy Basil, St. John's wort, or even Earl Gray tea  (it contains bergamot!) can lift your spirits. Earl Gray tea is amazing  in fact!.... Those SSRI prescriptions numb the intestines and the sex glands.  If you want to feel depressed - numb your sex glands and gain ten pounds from a numbed up digestive system." 

Also, see Media Buries Psychiatric Drug Connection to Navy Shooter (09/18/13)

Warning to Parents & High School Students about Psychotropic Drugs and Vaccinations

Warning to parents about legal drugsSSRI Stories

Dr. Seth Farber Exposes the Psychatric Community's Infiltration by Big Pharma--TV interview

TeenScreen, which is similar to health screening tests like the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBS), is illegal unless the parent gives permission. It would be a violation of the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA), a federal law intended on protecting the rights of parents. The YRBS and TeenScreen is meant to identify suicidal tendencies and social disorders--it has been labeled by the Alliance for Human Research Protection as a "duo-drug promotion scam" that declares "otherwise normal children to be mentally ill." This is why there is an increase in children being medicated with antidepressants despite FDA warnings about suicidal behavior. Of course, the pharmaceutical companies are making big profits off of drugging your kids.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), prescriptions for antidepressants have risen in this country by 400 percent since 1988. Americans over the age 12 take antidepressants (approx. 11 percent of Americans),otherwise know as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs). Antidepressants as of 2013 are the number one prescribed drugs for adults (81-44). 60 percent of adults who take SSRI's stay on them more than two years. Preschoolers given antidepressant drugs has skyrocketed in the last decade.

Many of your school shooters were on some kind of Antidepressant drug. See (antidepressant nightmares) & S.A.V.E (Stop Antidepressant Violence from Escalating) for a long list of violent episodes including school shootings. John Noveske, one of the most celebrated Rifle makers, listed on Facebook before he was murdered all the anti-depressant drugs that teenage shooters were on.


PsychoHeresy--see how the Psychological industry recommends giving your children Pres. Drugs

1. PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries--the Christian ministry of Dr. Martin and Deidre Bobgan

2. Psychiatrists will become Policemen--this should be stopped (it is a pagan religion).

How the Mental Health Industry Creates Disease, Works with Big Pharma

Mental Health

1. PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries--the Christian ministry of Dr. Martin and Deidre Bobgan

Retired "DEA Special Agent" exposing the New Drug pushers--the Medical Establishment

Police Car

Retired DEA Agent Robert Stutman, who was recruited in college by the CIA, has this to say about America's war on drugs in the World of Firepower, DEC/JAN 2013 issue, page 27: "Unfortunately, the biggest source of supply is not foreign countries, it is prescription drugs ... Prescription drugs kill more people than heroin, crack and methamphetamine combined. It's not the drug cartels in Mexico, it's the physicians overwriting prescriptions that kids get a hold of, use and die from. The problem is no longer the traditional dope dealer." Mr. Stutman retired in 1990 and founded the The Stutman Group, a management consulting firm that designs and implements comprehensive and practical substance abuse preventive programs for corporations and school systems across the country. (See Police/Sportsman tab for further information.)

See 30 Million Americans On Antidepressants And 21 Other Facts About America's Endless Pharmaceutical Nightmare--Has there ever been a nation more hooked on drugs than the United States? & Time Magazine Accidentally Reveals Greater Autism Fraud--What Time Magazine revealed demonstrates that the entire study is based on a lie.

Do not Blindly Follow Your Doctor's Advice

Do not blindly follow your doctor especially about vaccinations.

The Truth Behind Mass Vaccinations: TV Inteview by Lee Ann McAdoo (Infowars Live) of Brandy Vaughan (former Merck employee and founder of Council for Vaccines Safety--2015) --see Council for Vaccine Safety...advocating for safe vaccines.

1. This Is Why You Should Not Blindly Follow Your Doctor's Advice To Vaccinate (01/02/15) --Physcians are pressured to follow the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) and fear negative professional consequences if they do not recommend vaccines. Integrative physcians and chiropractors will support your decision to NOT vaccinate. Physcians who actually study vaccines will NOT vaccinate their children.

2. --discover what your doctor injects into your child and find a physician who will support your decision NOT to vaccinate your children.

3. State Law & Vaccine Requirements --exemptions exist in every state and a school cannot legally require your child to be vaccinated--it is a lie; download special vaccination flyer to hand out from the National Vaccine Information Center. Scroll to the heading Parental Rights for Vaccinations below.

4. Package Inserts and Manufacturers for some US Licensed Vaccines and Immunoglubulins --click on Vaccine name for package insert and name of manufacturer.

5. CDC Whistleblower (Dr. William Thompson) confesses to MMR vaccine research fraud in historic public statement (2014)

6. CDC Vaccine Hoaxes Exposed (2015--video) --Propaganda surrounds vaccine campaign; remember the Swine Flu hoaxes in the 1970's?.

7. Infant Develops Measles-Like Rash Weeks After Receiving Measles Vaccine (01/26/15) --Establishment propaganda continues despite vaccines proving largely ineffective; see video investigations.

8. Measles Vaccine Kills More People Than The Disease (02/09/15--Video)

Since 2005 the measles vaccine has killed over 100 people while the disease has killed none. It makes you question what other statistics are there on the multitude of vaccines being pushed on society today,how many deaths per vaccine vs the deaths by the disease itself.

Famous People taking a Stand against Vaccinations

Vaccines: The Risks, The Benefits, The Choices by Dr. TenpennyDr. Andy Wakefield, MD exposes Vaccines

Vacinnes: The Risks, The Benefits, The Choices (DVD) --by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. With incisive reasoning and over 6000 hours of meticulous research, Dr. Tenpenny  substantiates her work with citations directly from CDC documents and respected  peer-reviewed journals, offers documented proof that vaccines do compromise the  immune system, and shares compelling information regarding the "real" risks in choosing not to vaccinate--see . Dr. Tenpenny/Facebook.

TV Interview: Dr. Andy Wakefield, MD from England exposes the Vaccine Industry's War on Children--Higher Risk for Black Boys & Boys in General (09/07/14)

British Court Throws Out Conviction of Autism/Vaccine MD: Andrew Wakefield's Co-Author Completely Exonerated 

1. Leftist Media attacks Chicago Bears NFL Quarterback Jay Cutler and his Wife Kristin Cavallari for refusing to Vaccinate their Childern (03/19/14) & see TV interview with Actress Kristin Cavallari .

2. Charlie Sheen opposed to having his children Vaccinated according to an article on (10/03/07) --we thank him for his courageous stand against having his children vaccinated and standing for the truth.

3. Study: Moms on Antidepressants Risk Having Autistic Baby Boys (4/15/14)

4. Alert: Imperial Psychiatric Empire is Invading the Mind (05/15/14) -- Congressman Tim Murphy (R-Pa.) is the key point man for the American Psychiatric Association -- the goal is to expand mental health services and this is nothing more than propaganda (the disorders are frauds).

5. Jakari Jackson interviews on TV Dr. Brian Hooker on the Topic that "Vaccines Cause More Autism Than The CDC Will Admit" (03/29/14)

6. The Case Against Fluoride by Dr. James Beck, MD

7. Vaccination Is Not Immunization by Dr. Tim O'Shea

National Vaccine Information Center--(States' Vaccine Requirements & Religious Exemptions;see "Letters of Exemption" under the subheading "Parental Rights for Vaccinations" below)

Flu Vaccine ineffective for majority of people

Middle School and High School Female Students do not need to get the Vaccine for HPV

1. Girl severely damaged by Gardasil a Merck vaccine for the human papillomavirus (HPV) --see the video "Do Vaccines cause Autism?"

2. the dark side of Gardasil

3. dangerous vaccines & other health issues.

The Supreme Ruler of the Universe does not give the State authority over our children (Rights of Parents in America per Court Cases, full article in Infowars Magazine June 2013 Issue--PDF), especially when is comes to discipline (using the rod)--see Politics/Voting Tab for information on the State's authority per God. For further information, see the articles below on the shocking link between psychiatric drugs, suicide, violence and mass murder and the SCP Newsletter, Fall 2011, Volume 36:1 (Do Parents' Rights End at the Schoolhouse Gate?) located at Also, see Secular Psychology and Christian Psychology vs. Biblical Counseling located at .

What is in Vaccinations?

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control's vaccine page, the following additives are routinely used:

1. Aluminum; 2. Antibiotics; 3. Formaldehyde; 3. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG); and 4. Thimerosal.

Vaccine pushers argue that a vaccination contains only a tiny dose of those highly toxic substances listed above. However, U.S. children are now receiving over 20 vaccines by the time they are 6 years old. Unfortunately, nearly all vaccines are formulated with neurotoxic chemicals that has nothing to do with the science of vaccinations, but could have everything to do with autism, Alzheimer's disease, early-onset dementia, immune suppression and the mass dumbing down of brain function. (For further information, see article entitled What's Really in Vaccines?, Infowars Magazine, Vol. 1 Issue 11, July 2013.)

Can a School, Company, Hospital, State, etc. require Mandatory Vaccinations?

Legal note: There is no law in any State requiring people to have mandatory vaccinations. If hospitals, doctors, schools, police, military, etc. are telling you it is mandatory to get vaccinated such as the Flu shot, they are either ignorant or outright lying to you. You have exemptions under the law. (It is unfortunate that doctors can benefit financially from the pharmaceutical companies by prescribing anti-depressants and vaccinations and the pharmaceutical company will even publish an article under the doctors name but written by the pharmaceutical industry.) See Parental Rights for Vaccinations in each State and Homeschooling Laws on the Legal Help Tab.

Parental Rights for Vaccinations in each State and Homeschooling Laws

1. National Vaccine Information Center by State

2. Free Vaccine Survival Guide--download e-book on 50 States and use the vaccine exemption

3. Sample Letter to Object Vaccinations for reason of Conscious

4. Dr. Tenpenny --vaccine info.

5. Dr. Tenpenny/Facebook

6. YouTube interview with Dr. Mayer Eisenstein & Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips: What is a Valid Religious Vaccine Waiver?

7. HSLD (Home School Advocates since 1983)--listing of State Laws

The websites listed above are very helpful for preventing your children from being vaccinated, especially if there might be a link to autism.

Don't Vaccinate! Before You Educate by Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH

Don't Vaccinate before you educate by Dr. Eisensteinvaccine epidemic

1. TV interview of Dr. Mayer Eisenstein on the Alex Jones Show on why Vaccinations are Harmful for Children and Adults

2. Merck developer admits vaccines contain hidden cancer viruses derived by diseased monkeys

3. Vaccine Epidemic

4. Research Confirms Antidepresssant-Autism Link

5. Bombshell: CDC Whistleblower Goes Further: Mercury Causes Autism (09/05/14) --Dr. William Thompson, a CDC scientist, asserts there is a connection between mercury (thimerosal) in vaccines and autism. Blackout in the Media. It is being used against black & white people--this is a life time of torture and worse than Nazism.

Note: The U.S. government created a secretive "vaccine court" in 1986 to protect pharmaceutical companies from direct liabilities. This was because of the injuries and illnesses from the company's vaccination products. Who pays for the lawsuits? A federal excise tax is added to the cost of each dosage of a vaccine. This is where the money comes from.

Make an Informed Vaccine Decision for your Child about Shots by Dr. Eisenstein

Parents Guide to vaccinationsVaccines: The Risks, The Benefits, The Choices by Dr. Tenpenny

1. Vacinnes: The Risks, The Benefits, The Choices (DVD) --by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. With incisive reasoning and over 6000 hours of meticulous research, Dr. Tenpenny  substantiates her work with citations directly from CDC documents and respected  peer-reviewed journals, offers documented proof that vaccines do compromise the  immune system, and shares compelling information regarding the "real" risks in choosing not to vaccinate. 

2. Immunologist Admits Babies Only Vaccinated To 'Train Parent' (11/10/14) --vaccine proponent acknowledges shots in first year of infant's life are pointless. Sweden and Japan that give the least amount of vaccinations to their babies have the lowest mortality rates.

Despite the fact that the United States administers the highest number of vaccine doses to children in the entire developed world, 26 before infants reach the age of one, its infant mortality rate is higher than 33 other nations, all of which administer less vaccines. The study clearly illustrates the fact that developed countries which administer less vaccines have lower infant mortality rates, suggesting a direct statistical link between vaccination side-effects and infant deaths.

For example, the two developed countries that require children be immunized with the least amount of vaccines, Japan and Sweden, also top the table for the lowest infant mortality rates.

3. Japan withdraws support for HPV vaccines due to infertility side effects

4. CDC Admits Flu Vaccine's Ineffectiveness as Huge Influx of Flu Victims Fill US Hospitals

Award Winning Film on DVD--American Children are the most vaccinated population on the planet --by Leslie Manookian. See free trailer.

The Greater Good--vaccines

Warning Alert to Parents in New Jersey, PA, New York & other States

New Jersey (09/24/12) : NJ Attempts to Strip Parental Rights with Vaccine Anti-Exemption Bill

New York (09/24/12): NYC schools give out Morning-after pills to students--without telling parents

Monsanto (09/24/12): Monsanto Launches Damage Control Over GMO/Cancer Study

Flu Shoots (09/28/12): Health Officials Push Flu Shoots, But Some Question their Safety

Prescription Drugs: Prescription Drugs Kill 300% more people than Illegal Drugs

Prescription Drugs: Prescription Drugs Kill 6200% more people than homicidal Shootings

(12/30/12): American Academy of Pediatrics Wants to Keep Mercury in Vaccines

School Shootings (01/07/13): The Giant Gaping Hole in Sandy Hook Reporting--psychiatric drugs

Pyschiatrists (01/07/13): Psychiatrists will become Policemen

Patient Prescription Drugs (01/07/13): Patient Prescription Drug Plan may be used to deny Americans their constitutional rights

TV Interview of Dr. Levine by Melissa Melton (02/26/13) : Dr. Bruce Levine: The Antidepressant Epidemic and what they are doing to our Students (Over 1 million on Antidepressant drugs)

Link List to ADHD & Vaccination Websites

Flu shots and vaccinations are not good

ADHD: Fix without Drugging your Kids

Mass Murder Drugs

Fire Your Doctor

Psychology and the Church

Health Freedom

Latest Research Links Autism to Vaccines

Autism Help

Health Care/Insurance Help for Christians & Health Services for Anyone

The Surgery Center of Oklahoma

The Surgery Center of Oklahoma

Healthcare's Free Market Alternative--offering low prices & high quality services

Smaritan Ministries --a Biblical, non-insurance approach to health care needs

List of Holistic and Orthodox MD's

A Complimentary Approach to the Medical Profession should Exist--Use both methods: Non-Invasive, Non-Pharmaceutical techniques and "Conventional" Medical Treatments such as Drugs & Surgery

This is no way implies that there are not dedicated and honest medical doctors and medications produced by Pharmceuticals that actually helps people such as Asacol by Proctor & Gamble for the Colon, which is an amazing drug to treat and keep Ulcerative Colitis in remission. It's the general medical system that needs to change to a more complimentary system--non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical techniques used as a "complement" to "conventional" medical treatments such as drugs and surgery. If preventive or Alternative Medicine will cure the problem, then try this first-- if it does not work, then go to "conventional" treatments. Because the patent on Asacol will expire in 2013, it was discontined and Warner Chilcott Labs has produced another product such as Delzicol. Since American firms will not offer a generic Asacol until next year, you can obtain a generic Asacol brand from Canada. See & (your right to safe & affordable drugs.)

There will always be deseases and illnesses because of man's fall in the Garden of Eden (Gen. 3 ). This will eventually be eliminated by the Anointed One/Messiah when He establishes His One-World Order on Planet Earth and removes the Anti-Christ and the Globalists and places them on Planet Hell (Daniel 7 & Revelation 11:15).

Firearms vs. Doctors/Drugs

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