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Eastern Airlines 727

Expedia and Travelocity are excellent ways to book a vacation or flight at the best possible price--see old Eastern Airlines Ticket--PDF (a great Airline destroyed by unscrupulous people). Beware of Wallgreens travel Vaccination Scam according to Infowars

Caesars Palace

Left: Picture of Caesars Palace, Las Vegas (NJIAT copyright @ 07/13/17)

Traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada & Bringing your Pistol? See Nevada Carry & Las Vegas MonorailTSA Logo



For quick check-ins at airports, passengers can sign up for TSA's Pre-Application Program.

Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas. A vacation taken on 12/19/2003 by an individual who asked NJIAT to post it. I great place to go on a vacation; however, if you like to snorkel, then it is recommended that you do not go in the month of December--the water is cold. It probably warms up in February or March.

The Dig is one of the main attractions that conists of the lost city of Atlantis. As one walks through the Dig they will see tunnels, thoroughfares and exhibits with 100 venomous Indo-Pacific Ocean Lionfish, Morey Eels, Irridescent jellfish, Piranhas, etc.

Travel Website

NJIAT SealNJIAT President's recommendation for Carry-On Luggage when Flying:

1. Pelican Luggage Orange BA22 Carry On 2. Pelican Backpack S100 Sport Elite (if you need to carry a laptop and other business documents or books. Should be able to get an orange color). If you need a bulletproof backpack, see Citizen Armor (Infowars Store) 3. If you need to transport a pistol/pistols, then get a Case Cruzer Prepper Handgun Case for 2 to 6 pistols. Firearms have to be checked luggage using padlocks, not TSA locks (see Transporting Firearms below--do not bring through TSA screening area). Stores that sell Pelican Luggage:, Cabelas, Amazon (Pelican Backpacks), etc.

Accessories for Cell Phones that are Useful when Traveling

Pick-Pocket Pants, Concealed Carry Cargo Pants, Pocket Holsters & Body Armor for Traveling

Citizen Armor Civvy vest

Pocket Holsters (easy to conceal carry)

Appendix Carry

Pelican Luggage and Travel Gear (Backpacks), Locks and Phone Case Holders for Cars

Pelican Luggage and Backpacks

Travel Tips

    Approved TSA luggage locks-the locks can be opened by security officers using universal master keys. This prevents a passenger having his/her lock cut if the TSA has to inspect it.
    TSA approved carry-on luggage. The requirements for a zip-lock bags and three-once liquids, gels, etc. can be obtained at a local drug store such as CVS that labels its approved carry-on products for airline travel. (Hefty sells "OneZip Travel Bags"--quart size for 3oz items--that meets airport security guidelines.) It is advisable to put the items in your checked-baggage--you have less problems.
    Travel Emergencies--U.S. Department of State

Transporting Firearms on an Airline

TSA LogoSig_Pro 9x19mm Pistol

    Transporting Firearms via Airline in your Checked Luggage. Remember that your pistol or rifle gun case (hard-sided case such as Peligan or case Cruzer cases; see above under President's recommendation) must be locked with a padlock, not a TSA lock. Gun/guns must be unloaded and the magazines empty and make sure your ammo boxes are packed (as of 2017, TSA allows 11 pounds of ammo). You must check in at the ticket counter. Tell the clerk (go to the Special Services check-in counter) you want to "declare an unloaded firearm in checked luggage", and ask for a gun tag. Also, check with the individual airlines before traveling regarding firearms.
    Airline Transportation of Firearms--regulations for transporting firearms on airlines.
    Recommended: Any person transporting a firearm on the airlines should have a copy of the letter from the U.S. Justice Department to Congressman Don Young clarifying federal firearms transport regulation and information about certain States such as New Jersey and New York that do not want to adhere to federal law. You can download the letter from website above.
  • Find out which States honor your resident or non-resident pistol carry permit/permits by going to USA Carry.
    Concealed Carry Reciprocity (CCW) laws in your state--always check before you travel by car or plane.
    Download from "Legal Heat" State Firearm Laws using IPHONE/ANDROID APP
    NRA's website on Gun Laws when you Travel

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