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Thinking About Leaving Homosexuality

If you are a student or non-student and struggling with Gender Identity Disorders or Homosexual Attractions, the sites listed below will offer you help.  Don't allow a high school or college counselor to tell you there is nothing wrong with any lifestyle--you are being misled into destruction. There are thousands of people who quit the homosexual lifestyle such as Michael Glatze, who was the founding editor of Young Gay America magazine and got sucked into the lifestyle at age 14 ( ) & ('Gay'- Rights Leader Quits Homosexuality & Gives Testimony on his New Freedom ). God is the one who determines what is right or wrong and only His ways will bring you healthy relationships. "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:32).

Trump vs. Clinton (2016) Presidential Voter Guide - PDF. Donald Trump & the Corrupt Financial Establishment (a 6 minute speech 10/2016)

16 mm Bell & Howell Movie Camera (Auto Master)16mm Bell & Howell Movie Camera (Auto Master) that was used for the movies below (some are on 8mm).

Click here to watch the "Family Movies". Family films from the 1940s thru to 2004 (most of the family members in movies passed away) to illustrate when families were strong and also points out some of the problems when God is rejected. For Motorcycle movies, see the Motorcycle Tab and for Cross Country movies at Hunterdon Central High School, see High School Tab (NJIAT has permission by the copyright owner to post these movies).

Godfrey bookSee testimonies on "Ex-Gay"

Other Ex-Gay Testimonies (Video): From Homosexuality to Holiness -- Stephen Black & God's Call to the Lesbian -- Anne Paulk.

Click List of Helpful Websites: Counseling and Advise for Identity Disorders & Homosexuality

[Click to see Annual Event for High School Students (Day of Dialogue) to reach their fellow Students with the Truth who care about people--in April of every year. ]

Gay Rights Activists Bully Authors of LGBT Study (11/29/16) -- LGBT cannot stand an honest study by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. They did a study of hundreds of scientific papers on homosexuality. They determined that many popular views on LGBT issues, such as the idea that “gender identity is an innate, fixed property of human beings that is independent of biological sex,” are not supported by science.

Note: Exposing the Gay Agenda (Militant Lifestyle Tab) and teaching the truth from the Bible in no way implies any hatred towards Gays -- everyone is born into sin because of the fall of Adam and Eve (see Psalm 51:5) and God is the One that determines Right or Wrong, not man (this is why Yeshua (Christ) died on the Cross). It is actually true Biblical love proclaiming the truth to set people free from bondage. (Click "What does the Bible teach about Homosexuality?")

Response to the Hunterdon Central High School "The Lamp On-Line" Student Article on Gay Marriage--05/23/12

Dumbing down American kids

Gay Marriage: Is it really that bad? written by a Hunterdon Central High School Student on 05/23/12(PDF) --

Reply to the student on 06/06/12 to The Lamp On-Line article above by a former Hunterdon Central High School Student.

For further information, see the High School Tab & (click) Jack Zaifman at Hunterdon Central High School. Click Jack Zaifman's Holocaust Profile Flyer--PDF--the flyer gives a brief history on Nazi Germany and explains how homosexuality was prevalent in Nazi Germany. The Nazis were socialists--NAZI stands for National Socialist German Workers' Party. Yes, Hitler was a Socialist/Fascist -- Myth Busted: Acutally, Yes, Hitler was a Socialist Liberal. See Atheism and Absolutes and Christianity and Humanism--PDF.

Hunterdon Central High School Key Club in Flemington, NJ hosted a Holocaust Survivor, Mr. Jack Zaifman, at the Little Theater on March 26th, 2014 at 2:00 PM, who shared his story about surviving in a Nazi concentration camp.

The "Joshua Generation" at "Hunterdon Central High School" did take a Stand on March 22, 2001 by Sponsoring an Ex-Homosexual to Speak at the Little Theater--Topic: Leaving the Alternative Lifestyle" Flyer. Will the Joshua Generation take a stand for Righteousness? or do they Fear Man more than God? Yes, the Joshua Generation in 2001 was showing love by reaching out to homosexuals and heterosexuals to tell them the truth.

Fearing God by Dr. Robert A. MoreyThe Brazen Serpent in the Ten Commandments

Moses lifts Brass Serpent to heal the Israelites from poisnous snake bites by Benjamin West

Apostle Paul was motivated to preach the Gospel because of the coming "terror" and judgment of Christ upon sinners. "knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men." (2 Corinthians 5:11, ISV)

The lack of the fear of God in the Evangelical Church is the main reason why Christians do not witness (a form of antinomianism) and not teaching apologetics. "Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that can't be shaken, we must be thankful and worship God in reverence and fear in a way that pleases him. For our God is an all-consuming fire. (Hebrews 12:28-29, ISV)--see Witnessing tab for further information and the article entitled Standing on the Cross: An interview with Dr. Robert A. Morey [Dr. Morey was interviewed by B.K.Campbell of The Christian Thinker (what has happened to the Church and our Youth?)--PDF].

Will the Joshua Generation take a stand for righteousness? The Joshua Generation at Hunterdon Central High School initially sponsored a speaker on the topic of “Leaving the Alternative Lifestyle” on 03/22/01 at the Little Theater; the advisor did violate the law and had no authority from God to do so when he told the club they could not officially sponsor the speaker--see High School Tab for further information on what happened (there is no ill will towards the past advisor; we just want to make sure it does not happen again). The event still took place on 03/22/01 with the President and members of the Joshua Generation promoting said event--click to see "Leaving the Alternative Lifestyle" Flyer--PDF on event. The PULSE members at the 03/22/01 event were very intolerant and very disrespectful to the speaker (Mr. Rich Yates, who is an Ex-homosexual and married an Ex-lesbian). The tolerant Pulse Club was shouting at him and calling him names until he told them to stop.

High School Students Standing up for Marriage between A Man & A Woman (a Creation Ordinance in the Book of Genesis 2:23-24)

Day of Dialogue

The Day of Dialogue--high school students can take a stand for marriage (a creation ordinance; Gen. 2:23-24); students can legally counter the promotion of the homosexual agenda in their high schools by "The Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network" (GLSEN)--the Day of Silence is held every year at many high schools across this nation such as Hunterdon Central High School thru sponsoring clubs such as PULSE. The purpose of The Day of Silence is to legitimize homosexuality--GLSEN encourages students celebrating this event to lobby for legislation supported by homosexual-advocacy groups and pressure school officials to implement things such as "queer friendly" prom.

When any organization, school club, school faculty, teacher, counselor, etc. promotes anything contrary to God ways and commandments (such as homosexuality), it is not showing love or concern for the high school students. It is doing "Satan's" work, who hates all mankind and wants to kill them.

Recommend resources: Bible Tract to hand out entitled How Should Christians Respond to "Gay" Marriage? and 2016 Day of Dialogue Flyer Hand Out --PDF ;this flyer is not produced by the Day of Dialogue, but a great witnessing tool and advertisement for the event.

Note: Most Christians do not know how to witness. See the Witnessing Tab for Help & High School Tab. Yes, it is a commandment to witness (preach the Gospel) for Christ. Technically the government and church should not be in the marriage business. Marriage was a family affair per Bible.

Recommended for Students to wear a Marriage Shirt on this day

NJIAT Marriage Shirt --PDF

You can wear this shirt proudly and defend marriage and glorify Christ (the wording is on the back of the Shirt and the smaller emblem is on the front). Also, a great witnessing tool. You can order the shirts from E-MAC--Signs & Graphics; located in Sergeantsville, NJ (Delaware Twp.). Their phone number is 908-806-4555 or e-mail Eileen at The shirt design and emblem is copyrighted by NJIAT. (E-Mac is not affliated with NJIAT, but is an authorized vendor to sell the shirts in bulk or will take a minimun order.)

List of Websites for Help Dealing with Homosexuality, Identity, etc.

Warning: Governor Chris Christie (NJ) or any other politician has no right as a government official to outlaw counseling for teenage men or women (students) under 18 struggling with the sinfulness of homosexuality and want to change. It not only violates the Constitution, but it also violates the paramenters and powers granted to the State under the "Supreme Ruler of the Universe". See/click Politics/Voting Tab on "What did Yeshua/the Annointed One say about Politics?" and "What about the State's Authority over a citizen?"

16 mm Bell & Howell Movie Camera (Auto Master)Family Movies (permission granted by copyright owner to post these movies & pictures on NJIAT; it does not imply that the family agrees with website)

Note: The most important thing in life is giving God (Yeshua Ha-Mashiach/the Christ) the glory and accepting Him as Lord and Savior. There is no other way of Salvation (John 14:6). He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the promised Messiah spoken about in the Tanakh (Old Testament). Life is short and everyone will face judgment before the mighty & awesome God (eternal life or eternal condemnation). Repent of your sins & accept the Messiah for the forgiveness of sins (Colossians 3:17 & John 3:3 & John 1:12 & Revelation 17:14 & Psalm 2:2).

List of Movies: 1. In Memory of Dawn Etchells; 2. General Frank Leone (1971); 3. Italy (Hunterdon Central High School--1981); 4. Birthday Party for Sam Leon at the Higgins Farm; 5. Kiwanis Club of Hopewell Valley -- Pennington; 6. Craig and Donna Lea Wedding (04/16/2005, Houston, TX); 7. Karate demonstration by Walt Van Gilson (1977); 8. Boy Scouts Parade (06/01/76); 9. Picnic of Leone Family Farm (08/12/1972); 10. Lester Higgins & Family and Relatives (Grandfather John and Grandmother Carmella) in Long Island, NY (1948); 11. John Leone (08/29/1877 - 07/21/1968) has Birthday Party at Leone farm -- 1954; 12. Part I: Christmas Party 1952. Part II. Cousin Frank, Uncle Andrew and Aunt Dorothy 1954 A. Cookie and Camille with dogs and Aunt Bonnie (a Born Again/Born from Above Christian) and her Nephew (who is a Born Again Christian) both witnessed (the True Gospel) to her brother Andrew Leon ,who might have accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior before he passed away; Andrew was happy to hear that God would forgive him for any sins and that Salvation is a free gift, not by works)) and kids (1953); 13. Russel Leone (04/16/1926 -- 02/13/1982) & Jean's wedding (1959); 14. Damon Family takes cruise on an Italian ocean liner and stops in Bahamas and then goes to Cuba before the Castor-led revolution (1958/1959); 15. Christmas Party at Zollo's House, Birthday Party (Anthony Damon (1949), Wedding (Anthony Damon and Dorothy Merkovich -- 1962); 16. Leone Farm Shed 1981 (Anthony Leone, Russell Leone, Harry Horvath, Tom), Nursery, Dick and Debbie on horses and Anthony Leone gets tractor stuck; 17. Christmas Party at the Flemington Baptist Church (Spanish Congregation in December 2004).

Fearing God by Dr. Robert A. MoreyThe Gospel,

that is, sin entered the world in the Garden of Eden (Adam and Eve, who were created perfect and had no sin, disobeyed God by eating the forbidden fruit (rebellion; Genesis 2 & 3 )--Eve was deceived by Satan); as a result, all of humanity has been "imputed" with Adam's sin and thus guilty before a holy righteous God. Man lost the ability to obey God perfectly (His law). Only by the Messiah's blood sacrifice on the cross can man be reconcilied to God. One must repent (turn from our ways) and accept the Messiah. We are justified "solely" (i.e. "only") through faith in Yeshua Ha-Mashiah--it is "imputed" righteousness. You cannot earn salvation. Your so-called good works are like filthy rages before a Holy Righteous God (Isa. 64:6).

A person has to accept Christ as Lord and Savior to be saved and He is the only way of salvation-- “nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12 NKJV).

Other religions will not get you to heaven such as Atheists , Wiccans , Hindus , Buddhists , Muslims , Judaism, etc. Nor will being a member of a Protestant or Roman Catholic Church automatically save you, especially if they teach a works based salvation that is a false Gospel (baptism and membership will not save you)--yes, there are born again Christians in both the Roman Catholic Church and Protestant Churches that accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. See Roman Catholicism Today and Mother Teresa and Biblical Christianity.

Home Movies Below by Number List Above

Dawn Etchells graduation party in 1979.

1. In Memory of Dawn Etchells (06/17/61 to 10/16/15). Hopewell Valley Central High School graduation & family Party (1979). 1. Etchells House 10/02/2005 (PDF); 2. JoeTomRichard 2005 (PDF);3. Etchells House Oct. 1974 (PDF); 4. Etchells (Christy) (PDF);5. Aunt Anna (50th) (PDF); 6. Dick onTractor 1980 (PDF); 7. Farm Barn 1980 (PDF);and Christmas Party at Camille's House: 1. Christmas Party (PDF); 2. Christmas Party (PDF); 3. Christmas Party (PDF); 4. Friends (PDF); 5. Christmas Party (PDF); and 6. Friends 1970s.

General Frank Leone.

2. General Frank Leone (Italian Air Force) with his wife visits family in Oceanside, NY. Many of the family members came from Flemington, NJ (1971)

1. Leon's Sod Farm 1987 (PDF); 2. Union Hotel 1987 (PDF); 3. Court House 1987 (PDF); (Family members of the General visit New Jersey--two medical doctors from Italy.) Hunterdon County Board of Agriculture's 106th Anniversary at Leon's Sod Farm: 4. Leon's Sod Farm 106th (PDF); 5. Leon's Sod Farm 106th (PDF); 6. Leon's Sod Farm 106th (PDF); 7. Leon's Sod Farm 106th (PDF).

Click Motorcycle Tab for Air Force pictures of General Leone.

Italy 1981 - Hunterdon Central High School

3. Italy -- Hunterdon Central High School Trip (1981).

Venize 1981 -- Hunterdon Central High School

Other schools used the same Italian Tour Guide that Hunterdon Central used. So you will see other people from different high schools in the movie.

Florence, Italy (1981) picture of HCRHS & other high school students - PDF.

For videos of the Hunterdon Central High School Cross Country team (1979), see High School Tab.

Sam and Irene

4. Birthday Party for Sam Leon (01/03/1929 -- 07/29/2010) at Higgins Farm in Sergeantsville, NJ on Jan. 2004. Sam was the founder of Leon's Sod Farm in 1968. Sam owned just a regular farm for years before starting the Sod Farm. Above picture: Hunterdon Republican Dinner 10/25/2005.

Sam Leon was a WWII Army Veteran who served in the in the pacific theatre as a paratrooper--Sam was in Japan. Andrew Leon (02/12/1923 -- 11/21/2006), Sam's brother, a WWII Navy Veteran who served as a Seabee in Guam and Bikini Atoll.

1. Sam & Irene at Republican Dinner at the Playhouse 10/25/2005 - (PDF); 2. Higgins (4 Aunts) 1998- (PDF); 3. Higgins (Uncle Lester--02/17/1921 - 10/07/99) around 1998 - (PDF); 4. Higgins (Family) 1998 - (PDF);5. Higgins (Linda's daughter) on 1998 - (PDF); 6. Higgins (Cathy) 1998 - (PDF); 7. Higgins (Cousin Eddie) 1998 - (PDF); 8. Andrew and Vee 1998 ; and 9. Anthony and Lester Jr. Oct. 1981 (PDF)

Kiwanis Club of Hopewell Valley-Pennington having a fundraiser at the Hopewell United Methodist Church in the early 2000s.

5. Kiwanis Club of Hopewell Valley -- Pennington

Picture above: Kiwanis Club of Hopewell Valley -- Pennington holding a Pancake Fundraiser at the Hopewell United Methodist Church in Pennington, NJ in early 2000s. Second person from left: Nick Tatler and third person from left: Jim Ahlbach and last person Jack Zaifman. Kiwanis Club Picture of Pancake Fundraiser - PDF.

In memory of James F. Ahlbach, Jr. (1941 - 10/22/2011), Capt. in the Navy, Edgar Tatler Sr., (1932 - 05/08/2015), Navy Veteran and Mason & Jack Zaifman (03/02/1925 - 05/25/2016), Holocaust Survivor, who spoke at Hunterdon Central High School on 03/26/2014. Click Jack.

1. Kiwanis Hopewell Club (PDF); 2. Kiwanis Hopewell Club (PDF); 3. Kiwanis Hopewell Club (PDF); 4. Kiwanis Hopewell Club (PDF); 5. Kiwanis Hopewell Club (PDF); (It might be 1998 or 1999.)

Part I: Beach party at Ocean Gate (06/12/04).

Part II: Christmas party (12/2004)

Part III: Christmas party (12/2003)

NRA and Richard

6. Craig Schulze and Donna Lea Smith Wedding on April 16, 2005 in Houston, TX. Pictures of family below. Above Picture: NRA Convention 2005.

1. Wedding 2005 (PDF); 2. Wedding 2005 (PDF); 3. Wedding 2005 (PDF); 4. Wedding (Irma's) 2005 (PDF); 5. Wedding (Irma's )2005 (PDF); 6. Wedding (Stadium) 2005 (PDF); 7. Wedding (Restaurant) 2005 (PDF) ; 8. Wedding (NRA) 2005 (PDF) ; 9. Wedding (NRA-Family) 2005 (PDF) ; 10. Wedding (NRA&Richard) 2005 (PDF); 11. Wedding (Church) 2005 (PDF); 12. Joe,Tom,Richard 10/02/2005 (PDF); 13. Richard, Charlie, Tom at McDonald's 09/21/2015-- (PDF);

Walt Van Gilson

7. Karate Demostration by Walt Van Gilson in Lambertville, NJ (1977).

Walt Van Gilson while serving in the U.S. Marines in Okinawa, Japan, studied under the founder of Isshin-Ryu, Shimabuku Tatso (who combined Shorin-Ryu 90% and Goju-Ryu 10%) and received his black belt. Isshin-Ryu also teaches the uses of Kusarigama. Walt Van Gilson graduated from Hunterdon Central High School in the 1960's and was on the wrestling team.

Boy Scouts parade 1976 in Ringoes, NJ.

8. Boy Scouts (Troop 62, Flemington, NJ), Parade on 06/01/1976 in Ringoes, NJ.

Picture right (1975): Boy Scouts Troop 62 at Yards Creek Reservation in Blairstown, NJ--PDF

This is when the Boy Scouts adhered to strick moral values and did not allow political pressure, especially from the Fascist homosexual lobby, to dictate what their beliefs are and reject God. Many Troops still adhere to Godly values and their Troops will participate in shooting sports.

Ron Higgins and Carol at 1972 Leone Farm picnic.

9. Picnic on the Leone Family Farm on 08/12/1972.



Lester Higgins in 1953.

10. Lester Higgins (02/17/1921 -- 10/07/1999 ) with family and relatives in Long Island, NY (1948).



John Leone

11. John Leone (08/29/1877 - 07/21/1968) has Birthday Party at Leone farm -- 1954. It included many members of the family such as Aunt Catherine Leone (08/03/1918 -- 03/01/2015), Grandmother Carmella Grutta-Leone (02/02/1889 -- 04/14/1970), and so on.

Cousin Frank

12. Part I: Christmas Party 1952. Part II. Cousin Frank, Uncle Andrew and Aunt Dorothy 1954 A. Cookie and Camille with dogs and Aunt Bonnie and kids (April, 1953)Bonnie Higgins and kids

Russell and Jean Leone

13. Russell Leone & Jean get married in 1959. Jean was from Indiana and got married in NJ.


Jean and carCatherine and Camille

Cookie on trap shooting on cruise ship 1958.

14. Damon family takes cruise to Cuba on an Italian ocean liner (leaves in 1958 and comes back to New York in 1959). The ship left New York and stopped in the Bahamas, then goes to Cuba (before the Castro-led revolution; Batista was still in power) and then back to New York.

Italian Cruise Ship stops in Cuba.Cruise Liner in 1958

Dorothy Merkovich's wedding in April 1962.

15. Part I. Christimas Party at Zollo's House with Madlyn Verichio who lived with her brother-in-law and sister in Oceanside, NY (1946). Anthony Damon Sr. owner with his wife Rose Leone of Damon Coat Co., 663 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, NY had a daughter by Madlyn Verichio, who worked in the shop. Anthony Damon Sr. had one son (Cookie) two daughters, one by Rose, and one by Madlyn in 1962, the same year his son (Anthony Damon (a.k.a Cookie) got married). Part II. Anthony Damon's (Cookie) Birthday Party (1952). Part III. Wedding with Anthony Damon & Dorothy Merkovich -- April, 1962.

Anthony Leone gets tractor stuck.

16. Leone Farm Shed (1981).

Anthony Leone (04/14/32 -- 08/14/85) tries to fix a collapsing wall -- it did not work. Russell Leone (04/16/26 -- 02/13/82) comes to inspect. Cousins on Nursery & Cousin Dick & Debbie on Horses and Anthony Leone gets his neighbor's (Steve Wideman) tractor stuck in the field.

Dr. Anne Morey-The Biblical Discipleship Program for Women

17. Christmas Party at the Flemington Baptist Church (Spanish Congregation) in December of 2004.

Pastor Eddie Hatcher of the Central Hunterdon Baptist Church joins them in the Christmas celebration.

More Wikileaks Movies to come.

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